2011 Dodge Charger Rolls Off the Assembly Line


It’s a big day four our Brampton, Ontario manufacturing facility. The plant is cranking out some of the hottest metal from the 2011 model year right now, including the all-new 2011 Dodge Charger. To mark the occasion, we invited a host of local government officials to meet up with our CEO, Sergio Marchionne, and they’re all getting a tour of the Brampton facility as you read this. The provincial officials are also celebrating alongside Ken Lewenza, president of the Canadian Auto Workers. We’re hugely proud of the improvements we’ve made to the Charger and from the looks of things, the visitors to the plant are no less thrilled.


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    A billion dollar in plant improvements and updating the new vehicles in the last two years. Keep it up. I suppose that is the new billet metallic clear coat. Sporty cars should be painted black or in bright colors. Just my opinion but you have to go with what sells or you will never make any money. Maybe it will grow on me. It is different.

  • HEMIhead
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    I hope the improvement includes a new up to date spray paint facility.
    That Brampton plant is HUGE! I’d love to work there.

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    I don’t mean to be critical, however, if you say you are improving the quality, then the center section of the hood that meets the front facia shouldn’t look like it is 1/2″ lower. The little things make a difference when people are paying top dollars for vehicles. Hopefully, it is just a bad reflection or funny angle. Paying attention to details helps you sell cars. The Japanese have been doing it for years, not that I would ever buy a rice burner. Anyhow, the new Charger looks sharp and my friend who was in Dallas informed me that it looks even better in person. HEMIhead, do you live in the Toronto area? I used to live in Buffalo and our family frequented Canada quite often. The people were always nice to us, however, the winters weren’t. Its in the 60s today in Texas and I am trimming the bushes.

  • HEMIhead
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    Sublime, No. My family and I lived outside of Toronto for about 5 years while I apprenticed
    for my trade. I am originally from another province, but Ontario has plenty of work in my field,
    hence the move there. If you follow the Targa racing Ralph Gilles was participating in 2009, then you know where my home province is. I loved the Ontario summers, they were awesome! I wish I was in the 60’s today, right now where I am, the temperature is 23 deg F (-5 C). That’s the reason the Charger stays in the garage for about 8 months. Fun Wow!

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    Oh, the new found land. Do you see a lot of Vikings? I just hate the cold weather. We had snow here three times last year and I thought I was going to die. It only lasts for a few hours before it melts but it brings back those “fond” memories of blizzards and doing 360s on the ice covered bridges while praying no one would hit me coming the other way. Yes, I had a winter car that was rusted up to the door handles (Ford LTD) and a summer car 1971 ‘cuda (which was stolen right out of my driveway when my parents wouldn’t let me store it in the garage anymore). The good old days.

  • HEMIhead
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    Sublime, the Vikings left way before I was born. Ha Ha! I wish they had taken the snow with them.
    Actually, we have had pretty mild winters here the past two years. Not a big lot of snow or sub
    zero temperatures. If that’s due to global warming, then I’ll take it!
    Maybe 20 years from now we’ll have some nice Southern Weather. Oh and by the way, we’ve got
    lots of oil here too, but it’s all off shore. Tell Hank Hill I said “Hello” Love that guy.

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    While waiting to buy my 2011 Charger R/T AWD, I have been looking into why there appears to be no options for the rims and tires on the AWD. It may have something to do with the fact that they have designed the AWD to use a 19″ rim and a full 1″ dia larger tire. I really don’t want the painted alloy rims that look like plastic. The way I see it for close to $40,000 I sound be getting a little nicer looking rim.

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    I ordered my 2011 Charger with the initial allocation of cars allowed to the dealership I worked for for 38 years. Taking note of Diehard’s blog, I wanted AWD so i checked that first. A lot of the options I wanted in the high performance area were not available with AWD. I wanted the super track pack with 20 inch wheels and any other high performance packages I could get. So–I ordered a RWD Charger R/T with the Road and Track and Super Track Pack options. I think he is right the AWD was engineered to work with one set of specific wheels and tires. Too bad, I could have used the AWD here in New Jersey where we just had a huge blizzard. It was ordered on Nov. 19th 2010, can’t wait for it to be built and shipped. Red Line Red with a black interior ( only interior available at order time) The MSRP was $38,985.00. They are giving us a lot of good stuff this time. ( Incidently the BAD letters in front of HEMI are my initials, Bruce Anthony DiBiase, I’ll get a set of Jersey plates with BADHEMI on them.

  • Tazallen
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    Hello All!!!!

    Hurray for the new Charger,but this car should been out two years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The new Charger and 300s are great cars and I hope they sell but Ford and the imports have been working hard and it is now up hill for MOPAR!!!!!

    Message to Sergio, update the Brampton Plant!!!!! It is one of the best car plants in the world, do not mess it up!!!!!!!!


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    HEMIhead, I spoke too soon. We have a couple of inches of snow today. My kids are making snowmen. It is suppose to get up to 37 degrees tomorrow so maybe it will melt. Sunny and dry the rest of the week but still cold. I will have to move further south. Looks like I will have to move back to Corpus Christi. Maybe I will have to order the all wheel drive option if you can order it with the 20″ rims and the Super Track Pack.

  • Trevor
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    PLEASE…when will you start rolling a ragtop off the production line? I hear there have been 3 of them hiding in the Brampton plant for well over a year!!!

  • A100guy
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    When will the “Build Your Own” feature be up and running on the Dodge website for the 2011 Challenger?

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    A100guy, it is already working. Just get on the Dodge.com website, click on PRICE & LOCATE on the top, then Build My Own, click on the far right red arrow to rotate the vehciles until you get to the 2011 challenger, click on LEARN MORE, and there you go: http://www.dodge.com/hostc/bmo/models.do?modelYearCode=CUD201103&zipCode=75707

  • peteMT
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    Well, that’s the color I was considering, so that’s good to see. Everyone should read what Motor Trend has to say about the ’11 Charger. Hint: it’s good. Very good.

    Can’t wait to see these on the lot, particularly the red interior.

  • g white
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    4 door charger..dodge missed it.. have you seen a 4 door vette

  • Glenn Kozak
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    Still driving my ’06 Charger R/T with ONLY 112,000 miles. Bought it new in June 2005, and it runs great.

    I can’t wait to see the new ’11 Charger. None yet here in Lawton, OK. Local dealer said 1-2 more months.

    Do any dealers in DFW or OKC have them yet?

    MOPAR or no car!!!

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