Journey to BlogHer ‘12


This past weekend in New York City at BlogHer ‘12, thousands of mom-bloggers had the chance to get their hands on America’s most affordable midsize crossover vehicle, the Dodge Journey. Many took the time to hit the Dodge spa for a complimentary foot and back massage and the opportunity to mingle with Jen and Barb of — who were in attendance at the spa event with their brand new book, The Mothers of Reinvention.


Following the close of the conference, a fleet of Dodge Journeys shuttled attendees down to the bright lights of Times Square for a night on the town. If you were one of the lucky ones to catch a ride, head over to Twitter and let us know how your ride went using #journeytoblogher.



Many thanks to all those who attended BlogHer ’12 and shared the experience with Dodge!


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    They look like the have a camouflage appearance for hunting.

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    The 2013 Dodge Charger is going to look for next year’s NASCAR season.  It will never get a scratch or dent.

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    After a very crazy weekend at BlogHer it was so nice to sit, have a glass of ice tea and the chance for a massage at the Dodge Spa. Thanks. It was also nice to chat with Mary Ann Capo, the brand manger I got to meet. There was a time when a minivan would be the last thing I thought I would drive, now I love to hear about the new models that come out almost as much as I enjoy hearing about the newest shoe styles! Thanks again!
    I wrote an article about my love affair with my minivan on my own site last year, if you get a chance check it out:
    Thanks again!

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