Thursday Trivia – Test your Dodge Musclecar Knowledge


We were digging through our vast archives of cool pictures and came across this image of an iconic musclecar from our illustrious past. Can you name the year, make, model and tell us what engine is under the hood? If you’re really good, try to identity what three options it has. We’ll be posting the answers on our Facebook page in a few days.

  • jason ledbetter

    looks like a 69 superbee with a 383

  • budoboy

    I’m guessing ’70 Challenger with 340 6-pack

    • RLD

      Nope…only one carb under the air cleaner

  • Clo

    1968 Charger w/ 440

    • RLD

      Close but not really. Try again.

  • Anthony Forcina

    The front grill looks like a 69 dodge dart with a 340 six pack

    • RLD

      Nope. Wrong body style and engine family…try again.

  • Bob Jones

    Thats a 68 Road Runner, has power brakes ,power steering, and A/C. big block 383, or 440

    • RLD

      I don’t see the A/C unit…hmmmmm

  • Bob Jones

    thats a 440, no six packs on 383

    • RLD

      Clue – It’s not Six Pack.

  • HEMIhead

    It’s a 1969 Dodge Superbee 440 Six Pack. Power brakes, power steering, and A/C. Of course it has the twin air scoop hood.

    • RLD

      No Six Pack or A/C…try again.

    • Wesley Young

      1969 Dodge Superbee with a 440 six pack, power brakes, power steering, and three speed wipers. The three speed wipers was a required option when you ordered the six pack engine due to space constraints.

  • Wesley Young

    1969 Dodge Superbee with a 440 six pack, power brakes, power steering, and three speed wipers. Three speed wipers was a required option when ordering the six pack engine due to space constraints.

  • pat pulley

    It’s a 69 superbee with 440 4 barrel, ram charger cold air induction and power brakes.

  • Walt Felix

    I agree, 69 Super Bee, 440 Six Pack with the N-96 Ramcharger Hood.  Power brakes.



    440 SIX PACK used a fiberglass lift off hood for 1969!!!

    no a/c on that car

    • Wesley Young

      I agree with the lift off hood, but what confuses me is the air cleaner. My 1970 Superbee had a 383 with the fresh air, but the air cleaner was round with a single wing nut, not oval with two.

  • Corbin Smith

    1969 Superbee, 383 magnum, Power brakes, 70 amp Battery, Ramcharger fresh air.

  • Raymond

    1969 bee with 383,n96 air graber,power brakes and 3spd wipers

  • Tom McClune

    It’s a 69 Superbee with 383 Magnum, options are (1) N96 – Ramcharger which includes 3 speed wipers, (2) B41/B51 – power disc brakes, & (3) A36 Performance Axle Package which includes 26″ radiator.  Had one that was T5 –  Copper Metallic with black top and rump stripe, it was a 4 spd with buckets, the smell of burning rubber sends me back.

  • Howard Waggoner

    69 superbee 383 for sure
    , the six pack didn’t have dual hood scoops.

  • quik225

    ’69 Super Bee, 383, appears to have an auto transmission

    Options are; 
    -Air Grabber
    -3spd wiper (required with AG) 
    -Power brakes
    -26″ radiator (22″ was std)  
    -possible 5th option, most cars with power brakes also had power streering

  • Scott Smith

    1969 Dodge Super Bee, 383 HP engine, 335 Horse Power, appears to have an automatic transmission. Hood is a “Ramcharger” style fresh air induction.

    Go Mopar! :)

  • Scott Smith

    1969 Dodge Super Bee, Ramcharger Fresh Air Induction hood, 335 horsepower 383HP engine, Automatic Transmission.

    Go Mopar! :)

  • bill neigel jr

    My guess is a 1969 1/2 Road runner with a 383 four barrel carb. The two options i spot are the air grabber hood and power front disc brakes. I’m not seeing the third one, you got me there.

  • Jobee Zupec

    The car is a 1969 Dodge Super Bee.  It has the 440 six-pack, carb-air induction system with functional hood scoops,chrysler dual point ignition,looks like power assist brakes, probably front discs, increased cooling, heavy duty battery, 3-speed wipers,and the trac pak option.

  • Eric Rush

    Thats a 1969 Dodge Super B with a 440 +6 under the hood , nice car wish I owned it

  • Stan Keith

    It is a ’69 Super Bee.  Options I see are Power Brakes, Ramcharger air induction system, Power Steering.