The Dodge Rebellion descends on the Motor City

Unseasonably warm temperatures have been hovering around Detroit all week, but it’s the hot looking vehicles in the Dodge display that are really pushing the thermometer up inside Cobo Center – home of the 2012 North American International Auto Show.


On Monday, we revealed the All-New 2013 Dodge Dart to a standing room crowd of journalists and industry leaders. The scene was reminiscent of a rock concert as they immediately rushed the stage for a closer look once Reid Bigland, our president and CEO finished introducing our hot new compact to the world.


We kept the momentum going on Tuesday by hosting a live “Dart Chat” session with the designers and engineers responsible for making this stunning car a reality. They answered some great questions from enthusiasts around the country hungering for more information.


Since we had the opportunity to walk the show before it opens to the public next Saturday, we thought you’d like to see some of the fantastic Dodge rides that await you should your plan on coming to the North American International Auto Show. Just head over to our Facebook photo gallery and you’ll understand why there’s a heat wave in the Motor City.


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    I do not know what you have done with this website, but I hate logging on to it because it takes forever to load.  Unless you have a new computer or one with a gaming card, it takes a good 15 or so seconds to load.  In addition, most times it gives me an error message and I have to refresh the screen.  Not all of us have the newest and best computer on the market.  And to be honest, there is not anything cool that really comes up that should use so much memmory.  By the way, I like the Superbee, however, I hope it is a better yellow than the yellow you picked for the 2010 Challenger R/T Classic.  A bright lemon twist yellow looks much better than the mustard yellow that you used last time.  This picture makes the car look like a dull mustard yellow and its at a funny angle that is not that flattering.  Can you use a better picture?  Thanks!

    • Rusty Shacklefurt
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      Dear sublime, you sir are stupid! Get a faster computer or clean up your hard drive and the page should load much faster. Now as for your opinion on the color choice for yellow, shut up! People a lot smarter than you, your bag of pot, and your dirty hard drive get paid a lot of money to market their color choice and don’t you think if they were that unpopular they would be living in a box, similar to yours? And finally the subject of camera angles, again shut up they were professionally taken and you obviously don’t understand the concept of dramatic angles. So in closing go back to your rice bag forums and complain about honda or toyota or what ever tickles your fancy but please do not return to a site above your level of intelligence please and thank you. Have a good day.

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    Mopar should learn how to count beorfe they do these retro-throwback cars as in count doors. 4 door Charger only, 4 door Dart only?? Challenger is cool but shouldn’t the ‘Cuda have been the big remake??

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