Dodge Weekly News Wrap Up

Snow is falling in some parts of the country but over in the world of Dodge, it’s still pretty hot.


This week our 2012 Charger was named an “All-Star” from Automobile Magazine, and its two-door cousin, the Challenger was a finalist in Shoppers’ Choice Awards. We even secured Consumers Digest 2012 Best Buy for Durango, Grand Caravan, and Challenger. We even found time to tease the sizzling new Charger Super Bee and Challenger SRT8 Yellow Jacket, which sent the automotive writers at USA Today and Autoweek buzzing with excitement.


So with the weekend almost here, we thought we’d leave you with a cool video of the folks at Consumer Reports getting sideways and learning firsthand about the volumetric efficiencies of our 6.4L HEMI®.


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    This one looks better than a regular SRT8 because it doesn’t have that big black hole grille.  The yellow strip between the upper and lower parts of the grille breaks it up enough to look good.  When it is all painted black (the middle part of the front fascia) it just looks like it is missing something.  Even the Audi has its four chrome rings in the middle to break it up.  Looks good…keep the cool looking specialty cars coming!

  • JONO
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    I’m a huge Mopar fanatic; I own a 2011 Challenger 392 Kowalski edition, 2008 Challenger SRT8, a 1969 Dart Swinger, and my daily driver is a 2010 Ram 1500.  I love all of the work being done with styling and options, and I obviously love the hemi!
    That being said, what is Dodge doing to compete in the production car horsepower wars?  I absolutely love my 392 hemi, but let’s be realistic, it is never going to hang with a 2013 Shelby GT500 rated at 650 hp 600 ftlbs and the 2012 Camaro ZL1 rated at 570 hp.  The current Shelby’s sell for around $60k and the ZL1 is speculated to be slightly under that price.  As a huge Mopar fan and owner, we need factory options to put the Challenger and other hemi cars head to head with these numbers! 
    In my eyes, there are two options already available to make this happen:
    1) Let an aftermarket company break the rolling encryption on the computer and offer a supercharger through Mopar that can be added by dealers and not void the warranty. A stock 392 with a blower could easily make 550+ hp and could be installed by dealers for $6-8k.
    2) Make the 426 hemi and option in the Challenger or any other SRT8 car out there!  You had the aluminum 426 hemi at SEMA this year. Make it an option available to add to the current SRT line-up.  The base SRT8 could be the 392, or you could opt for the 426 for an additional $8-10k (making it competetive with the ZL1 and Shelby).

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