Fast Five puts the 2011 Dodge Police Charger through the Ultimate Test!

Fast Five is ready to come charging through your local theater like in the next a Nitromethane Injected HEMI® dragster in the couple of weeks. This action packed movie is filled with great car chases and stunts that test the skills of both man and machine. The movie set can be brutal environment for the cars used in the film. They’re shown no mercy as they have to perform take-after-take of smoky burnouts, four-wheel drifts and high speed runs around the streets of Rio de Janeiro. Consider it a “Hollywood” style proving ground when the term “drive it like you stole it” really does applies to the stuntmen behind the wheel who push these cars to their limits.

When the producers approached us about being involved with this great franchise, we jumped at the chance to show the world the new 2011 Charger Police Pursuit Vehicle (PPV) has the guts to make it big time not only in the movies, but also in real life. We supplied almost a half dozen 370 horsepower 5.7L HEMI powered cruisers to the production company for use in the movie knowing full well they would be driven hard and put away wet. The Charger PPV comes equipped the usual standard heavy duty equipment such as Monroe NIVOMAT® rear shocks, brakes and severe-duty engine cooling systems with auxiliary coolers for engine oil, transmission and power steering fluids. The 2011 Charger also has a sinister look about it that makes the “bad guys” think long and hard before burying their foot into the accelerator. Among its peers in law enforcement, the Charger PPV stood apart from the competition and is the favorite ride among many agencies.
Here’s our own Ralph Gilles speaking with Picture Car Coordinator Dennis McCarthy about the Charger’s movie debut and what makes it cool.

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    Movie was Great and they surely put these Chargers thru the paces!

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