Fuel Efficient and Powerful – Meet the 3.6L Pentastar V6!


We know fuel mileage is on the minds of many motorists these days as gas prices seem to creep up like a rising tide. In the old days, you had to sacrifice horsepower and torque to get some decent MPGs when rolling down the road. However, now you can get the best of both worlds as our world class 3.6L Pentastar V6 offers great performance with excellent fuel economy. This award winning engine is now available in our Avenger, Charger, Challenger, Durango, Grand Caravan and Journey and will make driving more fun without breaking your wallet every time you need to fill up. Check out the video below to hear what Drew Winter, editor at Ward’s Automotive had to say when they named it one of the Ten Best Engines for 2011. You also hear some insightful comments from our head of Powertrain, Paolo Ferrero and Bob Lee who is our vice president of Powertrain and Electrified Propulsion Systems.





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    This is a good start, however, Chrysler was known for its innovation and engineering. Chrysler needs to direct inject this engine and make it the best engine on the market.  Best fuel economy, best horsepower rating and best in torque.  The other thing that baffles me is that the Caliber is such a little vehicle yet the Avenger gets better gas mileaage.  In addition, the V6 gets almost as good gas mileage as the four cylinder.  It is all about fuel mileage so lets get the best numbers already.  How can Hyundai who just entered the scene in the 80s have the best vehicles on the market?  Further, the quality rankings should be equal to Ford and Toyota by now.  They never get better or if they do the next year they go down.  Hopefully, these new improvements to the cars and engines will improve your ratings.  Its all about ratings so get after it.  I do not know why you don’t put a small diesel engine into the caliber so you can get its fuel mileage up to 40 mpg like VW does.  Even put a diesel into the Chrysler 300 or Charger and get the fuel mileage ratings up.  I know Fiat has all this technology but where is it?  Again, hopefully you are working on all of these things so you can be the leader that everyone tries to emulate.

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    Agree with SUBLIME…
    Also where is the v6 and v8 diesels that cummins built for proposal purposes? Why don’t ya’ll jump the gun in to the market of diesel with the dakota and ram 1500 just begging for diesel power and diesel fuel milage? Get your nose is the diesel market and I bet that you would have soooo many people go diesel and do it fast and good so that the competition doesn’t know what just happened till its too late to get into the game….

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    Agree on the diesel talk….
    I think we’re seeing (at least until we can get to a REAL electric powerplant) the re-marketing of diesel products from large to small.  Muffle the diesel motor noise, and people will go for it.  It’s the best engine out there….

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    Having driven a few vehicles equipped with this new Motor I must say it really is Awesome.

  • NeonNites
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    Diesel power is the way to go.  That is why VW has had such a big comeback in the US.  The diesels aren’t as noisy, they are quick, hardly any soot, and they get gas mileage that is comparable or better than the hybrids.  Diesel is the quick fix and if you sell enough of them then the price can go down as well.  They are still cheaper than a hybrid or electric car.

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  • Steve
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    Too bad the Durango gets such shitty gas milage !! There has to be a way to have a sweet ride that gets better MPG

  • Mark S
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    I agree with everyone about the Diesel engines.  Chrysler builds the VW minivan – why not partner with them, licensing the VW 4 &  cylinder TDI and make them available on Chrysler vehicles?  It’d be a HUGE win for Chrysler to be able to snatch some 50 MPG ratings while marketing a well-tested and well-regarded power plants.   

    Also – Where is the 8-speed automatic transmission we’ve heard so much about ??  When are the 2012s going to hit the market for the RWD & AWD vehicles ????

  • Roger Arntzen
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    I have  Pentastar v/6 in my new 2011 Charger and I love it performance and fuel economy GREAT!

  • S. Sinclair
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    The Fiat Freemont (aka Doge Journey) will come with a diesel engine option getting 7 liters/100km or 33.6 MPG.  That’s a lot better than the 26 for the gas version.
    BTW, the Fiat 500 also comes in diesel rated at 56-86 MPG UK or 47-71 MPG US.

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