Hot Pursuit – Dodge Charger Police Package

Even though we’ll probably never go out and buy a police car, we know most of you have a soft spot for those cool Dodge cruisers from the past 50 years. You have to admit, there’s something very sinister about a black and white Monaco, Polara or Coronet packing a 440 Magnum under the hood and the  even the Plymouth Fury and Satellite was just as cool. The movie Blues Brothers and TV show Adam 12 solidified the tough reputation of our law enforcement vehicles.

Because of our long history in building the baddest police cars on the planet, we just wanted give you some interesting info that our friends at Mopar® announced new packages on our already potent 2012 Charger Police Pursuit Vehicles (PPV). We recently took top honors at the annual Michigan State Police law enforcement vehicle evaluation tests at Grattan Raceway in Belding, Michigan. Our Charger 5.7L HEMI® PPV smoked the competition in lap times along with 0-to-60 and 0-to-100 performance.


Now with the new special equipment packages from Mopar, our men and women in blue can take delivery of their shiny new Chargers with all the special equipment already installed. That means lower costs to the state agencies, municipalities and townships that operate on a tight budget. These packages will also allow departments the flexibility to custom fit police vehicles for their unique law enforcement needs.


So if you see a 2012 Charger PPV in your rear view mirror, it’ll have a lot more than just “Cop Tires” and a “Cop Suspension”. Still not convinced, check out the video.

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