Ride in Refinement with 2012 Dodge Durango Captain’s Chairs


What good is a Sport Utility Vehicle if it doesn’t have utility? An SUV should be readily adaptable to any scenario, like when you need to use all available interior space to haul furniture or you want a comfortable ride for the most important cargo of all – your passengers. To that end, we’re excited to offer our newest seating option in the award-winning 2012 Dodge Durango: second-row captain’s chairs.


Unlike some other SUVs, our second-row bucket seats are offered on all Durango trim levels – SXT, Crew, R/T, and Citadel models. So you can now choose from bench seats, captain’s chairs, or no third row. It’s just another example of the Durango’s versatility.


As for the new captain’s chairs, the soft-touch armrests make a ride in the second-row feel like relaxing in a favorite chair. For the technology-minded, it’s easy to stay continuously connected with an optional middle console featuring a USB jack and a 12-volt outlet to power and charge almost any device you want.


With a refined, luxurious interior and 28 available seat configurations, we have the most versatile SUV on the market. What you do with the Durango once you drive away is up to you.


    Finally, captain’s chairs for the Durango.  We had to buy a GMC Acadia because you didn’t have any Durangos with captain’s chairs at the time.  I hate the Acadia, the transmission is so sloppy that you roll backwards down the hill when you take your foot off the brake to accelerate from a light.  It doesn’t have much pep either.  However, we can seat three kids in the third row seat.  Why do you have only two seats?

  • Pablo

    Not a gm fan, but chevy had a wedge van that had 5 modular seats for the back two rows. They could be removed. That was a good concept. They were comfortable, though no doubt the Durango’s 2nd row captains chairs are more so.

    I’d guess the reason only 2 in the middle row is because they are too large for three to fit. The compromise is comfort over quantity.

  • Thermc

    Can the Captains chairs be interchangeable with a bench?