The Dodge Durango – Summer Toy Hauler


Spring is in the air, and you know what that means; summer is just around the corner.


Lakes are quickly thawing, trails will be opening up, and race tracks are eager to reopen their gates.


Whether it’s a boat, jet skis, dirt bikes, or your prized race car; you are going to need the right vehicle to tow it confidently on your way to having all that summer fun.  Not to mention, you’ll want to have the capability of bringing the family and friends along too.


Unlike some of our competitors whose SUVs have simply become dressed-up sedans, the Dodge Durango remains a tried and true SUV; combining all the characteristics of both sport and utility.


First of all, with its near 50:50 weight distribution, four-wheel independent suspension, and responsive steering and handling, the Durango possesses driving dynamics that you wouldn’t necessarily expect in a vehicle of its size.  Plus, with two potent powertrains and available all-wheel drive, the Durango has the grunt and traction to get you where you’re going with peace of mind.  Sport ?

Then there’s that whole promise of towing your summer toys.  Well, the Durango has you covered.


If you stick with the 3.6L Pentastar V-6, then your max tow capacity comes in at 6, 200 lbs. – certainly more than enough for a lot of buyers.  You’ll also benefit from an impressively efficient 23 mpg on the highway.


But let’s say your toys weigh a bit more and you need some additional power to tug them around.  Then the 5.7L HEMI V-8 will be more your speed.  With its gutsy 360 hp and massive 390 lb.-ft. of torque, tow capacity swells to a very healthy 7, 400 lbs (7, 200 lbs. when coupled with AWD).


What makes the Durango so special is its ability to perform most, if not all of your towing needs, all while carrying an abundance of people and cargo inside.  With available three-row, seven-passenger seating, you can comfortably accommodate plenty of people on any length trip.  And thanks to 30+ storage areas, 28 seating configurations, and a rear cargo area with nearly 85 cubic feet of capacity, the Durango’s interior can be customized just the way you like it.  Utility ?


So, in preparation for your active summer lifestyle, be sure to give the Durango a close look.  It may be the perfect SUV to help you have some great fun in the coming months.


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