The First Teaser Images Of The 2011 Dodge Durango

The first teaser images of the 2011 Dodge Durango

For more information, please visit the official on the 2011 Dodge Durango site.

  • david182


  • Manny

    Great isn’t it? Wait till you see the inside, it’s awesome too!

  • Lin


  • RLD

    More to come, stay tuned!

  • James Oliver

    I love all that Chrysler has been doing sense the recovery of their company, I will continue to buy from them. Even if I get a “Bad apple” I will return for my next Dodge Ram! I love you guys!

  • Ryan Sardachuk

    looks like an over-fed dodge charger

  • Quinton

    Well the lease on my car is up in 2011 so im trading in my 2009 jeep commander for this wonderful DODGE DARANGO

  • Robin

    Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!! I miss my Durango and was waiting to see if you would make 2011’s!

  • Jason

    I think that it is awesome! The best part is, that Dodge is on the right track! With Ford changing the Explorer to a crossover based on the Taurus, there arent very many REAL truck based SUV’s. I think that Dodge is going to knock it out of the park!!!!!!!!!!! Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tr4petty

    Well, they would come out with this one week after I bought a new Jeep Liberty! Anyway, I love my new Jeep Liberty Ltd but this new Durango also looks like it’s going to be a home run for Dodge.

  • J.C. Rios

    WOW. . . Now lets see that Charger SRT8 !

  • pete

    where the fuck is the STATION WAGON SKREW MORE SUV’S COME ON Now

  • Aaron

    Man, I wanna see a re-release of the magnum. Where did that go?


    RLD, What happened to the youtube video clip of the new Durango that you posted? Looks good, keep the teasers coming! (Charger, etc.)


    (((((((( in yooooor face CHEVY !!!!!!!!! )))))))))


    ((((((((((( in yoooooor face CHEVY !!!!! )))))))))))


    ((((((((((( in yoooooor face CHEVY !!!!! ))))))))))))

  • Live

    The back looks like a Honda Odyssey. The front looks like the front of a Toyota FJ Crusier. I’m waiting for 2012 now.


    no “Live” the back is locks like toyota fortuner ,,, even the font that is used on it

  • RLD


    The video is on our YouTube channel here


    Hey RLD, I see you also have it attached to the webpage. Great job. It peaks people’s interest enough so they can’t wait until it comes out. It looks a lot cleaner than the last Durango.

  • 2011 Challenger

    Looks great Dodge!