The Love Starts on the Inside

Our 2011 Charger has been the talk among the motoring press since it’s introductions a few months back. Journalists and bloggers have commented on the fantastic retro “coke bottle” styling cues , new tail lamps, hood and side panel scallops that Dodge designers took from the Chargers forefathers of the late 60’s.


All of you enthusiasts and gear heads out there love the 5.7L HEMI® and its 370 horsepower that puts you into a high-octane feeding frenzy when it fires up and sends that distinct exhaust note through its chrome dual exhaust tips. Beyond the sex appeal of the sumptuous sheet metal and the muscular testosterone laced engines, is the new interior. Designers showed “a lot of love” to the inside and took the soul from the new body and powertrain and let the driver experience those sensations.

The first order of business on our total interior makeover was the dash, steering wheel and seats because this is the core of any cockpit. Team Charger started out with a new instrument panel that included a high-impact three dimensional gauge cluster with real billeted aluminum bezel insert. The center console is race inspired and is reminiscent of what one would find in European sedans costing a lot more greenbacks. The driving experience is further enhanced with the new three-spoke leather wrapped steering wheel that will let you carve up those twisting roads with ease. Heck, you can now opt for that wheel to be heated which comes in nice during those frigid January mornings in the Snowbelt. Our new seats come in either premium cloth or Nappa leather with some great new colors such as tan, black or even radar red. Go underneath the seating surfaces and you’ll find a brand new design that incorporates a unique serpentine spring suspension for better weight distribution while multiple layers of foam create a “pillow-top” feel which provides outstanding support for jaunts across town or across the country. The power 4-way lumbar support in the Charger eliminates the need for a chiropractor visit after those long road trips and your passengers in back will dig their heated seats.

The overall feel with the soft touch surfaces that include the instrument panel, door panels, door and center console armrest also enhance the driving experience. Our designers even added fabric wrapped roof pillars, flocked glove box, interior LED lighting, and heated/cooled cup holders that will make time spent inside the Charger a pleasure on any road trip.

Speaking of road trips, the Charger’s newest generation of entertainment systems has everything but the kitchen sink in the way of technology. You’re in command thanks to the SIRIUS® Satellite Radio, Uconnect® Voice and Web that is WiFi enabled at 3G broadband speeds (Uconnect Web is a dealer installed Mopar option) The 2011 Dodge Charger is more than just a hot car, it’s now a “Hotspot”! Charger’s 8.4” Uconnect color touch screen system is also available with a Garmin® Navigation system. Now you can stay connected without making a wrong turn, getting stuck in traffic or missing an appointment.

As you can see, there’s a lot of love in Charger for 2011. So much so it’s a whole new relationship between driver and the car. However bring some passengers, there’s enough to go around.



  • 440
    Posted April 6, 2011 at 8:02 am | Permalink

    Nice car…

    For some reason the dash reminds me of a mid 1970’s Dodge Royal Monaco…

  • Geoff Stunkard
    Posted April 7, 2011 at 9:47 am | Permalink

    The interior with the larger view screen, thumb controls on the steering wheel, and upscale ‘soft touch’ seat / upholstery layout is a big plus among the 2011 changes. Personally, having seen and ridden in it, these are the final point-of-sale benefits that should put a lot of potential buyers into Chargers and out on the road in enjoyment this year. Well done!

  • Paul1963
    Posted April 8, 2011 at 5:03 pm | Permalink

    I bought an ’11 Charger a couple of weeks ago.  When I started shopping, I was thinking about a leftover ’10 or a used, earlier model, but the first time I saw the ’11 I knew that if I bought a Charger it would have to be an ’11.
    Mine’s a V6, in Billet, with the Rallye package and sunroof.  Part of me is still thinking I just missed my only chance to get a new Challenger, but taking that out of the equation leaves the fact that it’s a damn nice car.  
    My U-connect doesn’t include navigation, but it’s still great to have.  And I love the wheel-mounted phone and audio controls. 

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