1973 Dodge Monaco

1973 Dodge Monaco


The elegant Monaco was the top of the line in two-door hardtops from Dodge in 1973. On the strength of its 122-inch wheelbase and enormous, almost living-room-sized interior, Dodge called the big cruiser “one of the roomiest and most comfortable cars on the road regardless of price,” and justifiably so.


Loaded with features, the Monaco’s standard equipment included power steering, power disc brakes,
electric clock, and wood-grain interior trim. TorqueFlite automatic transmission was also standard, coupled to the buyer’s choice of a wide array of engines:  the standard 360-cubic-inch V8, a 400 with two-barrel carburetor, or the monster 440 V8 with four-barrel carburetor and 280 horsepower.


The 1973 model year was the Monaco’s last for what was known as Fuselage Styling, which the car shared with its Dodge stablemate, the Polara.  Introduced in 1969, the Fuselage design used curved side glass and other effects to blend the lower and upper halves of the body together for a smoother, more unified look.


The company romantically described the Fuselage concept this way: “Your next car can have a fuselage frame that curves up and around you in one fluid line. Close the window and the arc is complete. From under the doors to over the cockpit.  Inside your next car, a cool, quiet room of curved glass and tempered steel…a controlled environment for you and each individual passenger…an extension of your own exhilaration of movement. Your next car can be a car you can move up to. Without effort. Your next car is here. Today.”


The easily recognizable features that set the Monaco apart from the rest of the Dodge lineup are the hidden headlamps, which reduce the front end’s look to a few simple, classic elements. The Monaco name would continue on with Dodge until 1978, but it never topped the 1973 edition for style.




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    I loved these cars. They rode so smooth. Everything is about handling nowadays with these low profile tires. I feel every crack in the road with my 2010 Challenger. Hopefully, with the new sport mode setting they have now, they have softened up the ride for the regular setting. I could care less if I can make a u-turn at 60 miles an hour. I had a 1974 Chrysler New Yorker for almost a decade and that car had the smoothest ride. In fact, it came with a 440 hp motor from the factory and when I put dual exhaust on it and advanced the timing, it could beat almost anything on the street. You could run over things with it and not feel a thing. It had a 2.45 Dana rear end and had an unlimited top end. I hated to get rid of it. I had almost 200,000 miles on it when I sold it and I raced that car everyday and never did anything to it. The motor was solid.

  • Bobby
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    I had a 72 Polara 2dr Custom green/green/green w/ the 360. I loved that car. Was repo’d after me fiancee and I broke up, was in both of our names. Saw it once afterwards, had the same license #.

  • Imperial boy
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    Our family car was my Dad’s 73 Monaco Brougham. It had an interior that would rival an Imperial – was far superior to the Cadillac DeVille: 50/50 3 in 1 front seats and a pull down rear center armrest in a tuck and roll classic pattern – tasteful for 70s standards. Thick padded door panels, assist straps – carpeted kick panels and an enormous interior and trunk. 65 miles per hour seemed like 25 – as you whisked silently down the road. Add flat cornering and handling that was superior to other full sized cars mixed with special Monaco only exterior styling fore and aft and you have one awesome under appreciated mode of transportation for President Nixon’s final year in office!

    Ahhhh I miss these cars…..it’s fantastic engineering and assembly was matched by equally horrendous marketing and poor advertising campaign…. “You could be a Dodge material”

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    In 1973-december I bought a 73 Red 2dr COUPE,383auto, White interior, White Vinyl top, wit 12,000 mi, in 1973 . My friend Tom bought it for His wife BARBARA, they had problems from 30 days of ownership, it kept losing the drive shaft. They new that I was into the Big Chrysler ,Dodge ,PLYMOUTH cars and sold it to me for $500. 00. Tom told me that in the trunk was a whole box of universal joints and a box of Clamps. This Car was Show room Clean and was a Great LOOKING Dodge ,had a great stereo to boot. I had it 2 years and used up all the extra parts. Another friend of mine kept wanting to buy it for his girlfriend , so I sold it TO HIM FOR $1000.00, and told him about the problems and I bought him a box each of the parts, IT still looked showroom condition wit 54,000 miles. Had a lot of trouble with it and used up most of the extra parts that I bought for it. He took it to a garage and told them to find out and fix the problem, after 2 weeks he got it back. The garage man found out a lot was different with the car from new. Inside in back seat area the speaker grill said POLARIS, underneath a major part was missing( transmission mount), that what was causing drive shaft coming apart -transmission was moving tooo much , the part was purchased from scrap yard with bolts ,installed, and it cured the problem. THEY put 250,000 more miles on it and and they asked if I wanted to buy t back for $200.00. It was in such bad shape I said -NO. But I have been looking for one these last 39 years

  • greyrock
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    I love the 73 Monaco, only second to the 72 Fury Gran Coupe. I’ve been looking on ebay and Craigslist in the northeast to no avail. I was driving to work one day an I saw a nice 73 4-door Monaco hardtop with vent windows parked on the street. It was aqua/Turquoise in color with white top and interior. I took some pictures when I first it, it had chrome reverse rims and baby-moon hubcaps. Not long after that they put real funky 20+ inch low rider rims on it, in my opinion it was ruined. Not long after that it was gone, either sold or wrecked. Sad, it was a nice daily driver before someone did a Micky-mouse job to it.

  • Tim Myers
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    I own a 1973 Dodge Monaco with 51k miles. It was originally owned by my grandparents. It has no rust. The seats have some dry rot. The top of the dash board is split from sun damage. I’ve kept it garaged the past 3 years and will keep it garaged forever. It does get lots of attention as there is nothing like it in the Atlanta area.

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  • blair
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    I own a 1973 dodge royal Monaco brougham with 91000 miles.it was my dad’s car.it still runs beautifully to this day.all I’ve done is paint it. I love this car, so many memories .

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