Friday Fight

Friday Fight

Let’s play pretend. What if you were allowed to have your choice between these two unique, custom-crafted Dodge concept cars?  You can take home only one, but it’s all yours.  Which of these priceless collector cars would you select to have in your garage?


First is the Dodge Copperhead, a two-seat sports car unveiled at the 1997 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.  Just one of its memorable features was the paint, a specially mixed color called Copper Fire Orange that was applied in 37 painstaking coats. With a multichromatic pigment (known in the custom car world as “flip-flop”), the paint appeared to change color as the light shifted.


The Copperhead’s styling was patterned after its big brother, the Viper, but with a 12-inch-longer wheelbase for a comfortable ride. Under the hood was an experimental 2.7L V6 with double overhead-cams and four valves per cylinder, which went into production the following year.


Behind door number two is the Dodge Daroo show car, built by the one and only George Barris, the famed “King of the Kustomizers.” Based on a 1967 Dodge Dart GT, it sports classic muscle-car power under the hood: a 383 Magnum V8. Barris shortened the body 10 inches in the rear and added 17 inches to the front, creating a V-shaped, missile-like nose. Pearl Honey Yellow paint and wild external intake and exhaust pipes complete the Daroo’s far-out ’60s styling statement.


So how about it, Dodge people? Which famous, one-of-a-kind Dodge show car is your favorite? The Copperhead or the Daroo? Go to the Dodge Facebook page and cast your vote now.


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