Making Some New Friends On The Way To Carlisle

The SRT guys may have enjoyed eating cold pizza inside the Challenger during One-Lap; but our crew took a more leisurely approach to meal time. We are making sure that we take plenty of rest stops as we embark on our 500-mile journey so our cars and our bodies have a chance to refuel and recharge.

When our R/T caravan rolled into a travel plaza outside Toledo off the Ohio Turnpike we stumbled upon some fellow Dodge enthusiasts sporting some sweet rides. Members of Caught Ya Lookin’ were meeting up there for their own journey to Carlisle. Among the bunch were two Dodge Neons SRT-4s and a Charger SRT-8 that was tricked out with custom tires, wheels, and ProCharger unit attached to the already potent 6.1L Hemi.

We had a great time talking shop and comparing rides, it really got us excited for what’s to come when we finally make it to the All-Chrysler Nationals.

We managed to cruise through Ohio but we still have a couple hundred miles of traveling through the majesty Allegheny Mountains. Nothing our R/T pack can’t handle as we ride through the Pennsylvania Turnpike, known to some America’s first “super highway”.

See y’all in Carlisle!


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