Road Trip of a Lifetime – MoVenture!

Looking for a cool road trip this summer that combines everything from a scavenger hunt to a road rally? Our friends across the hall at Mopar® have come up with some fun that will get you off the couch and behind the wheel of a new 2011 Dodge vehicle. Called ‘MoVenture’, 10 teams will be selected to participate on this cross country odyssey with the winning two-person team walking off with $5000 worth of Mopar parts and accessories along with free gas for the trip.


The selection process is quite simple, you just need to show your passion for Mopar and Dodge in a two-minute YouTube video and tell us why your team should be selected. The adventure begins in the Motor City on July 15,2011, and will cross the finish line July 22, 2011, at the NHRA Mopar Mile-High Nationals in Golden, Colorado. So hightail it over to the link below for all the details and register today. You and a friend and could be one of the lucky ones to get chosen for this high-octane thrill ride!


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  • Trek

    Are you f—ing kidding me!? You need 200 or more Facebook friends just to try out? This is bullshit.

  • thomas paul

    Current owner of a 2010 Challenger

  • Heather Werner

    Oh man, my husband is a huge Mopar guy. He has a 1976 Plymoth Volare and loves any thing old school Mopar. How can I get him into this??

  • BLACK2010RT

    Trek: Looks like you need some friends……haha

  • brandon

    trying to finish building my 87 dodge ram 1500 slammed door handles shaved and working on a lil 318