Rev-Up for the Holidays

Retail Rev-Up


Do you need a HEMI® just to get your holiday shopping done in time? Or was your Grand Caravan loaded up with gifts last month? Maybe you’re the kind of person who drives a Durango to take some off-road shortcuts to the mall, or have you put in the work to pick out and pack up the perfect gifts for your friends and family in your Journey?


This season, see what the best Dodge vehicle to accompany your shopping style is by taking the Retail Rev-Up quiz on the Dodge Facebook page, and you  can enter for your chance to win a $500 gift card. Spread the holiday cheer by sharing the link on Facebook and Twitter to compare your shopping style against your friends and give them the opportunity to enter for a chance to win as well!


So what are you waiting for? Figure out your holiday shopping style before time runs out, and you’re left with filling stockings with “IOU’s”. What would you do with that $500?




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