Relive the 2009 Dream Cruise

We survived another year at the Dream Cruise without even getting sunburn, how about you?

Friday evening found us at the Dodge display as the setup was nearing completion so we could snap some photos and beat the crowd. No photo can truly do the Dream Cruise justice, and we’re no photographers, but here are a few shots of what Dodge was up to this past weekend. These are the ones where our fingers weren’t in front of the lens.

You’ll see some custom Challengers, production vehicles and more. Don’t forget to share your photos from the 2009 Dream Cruise at the Dodge Flickr group. The Dodge Boys Red Zone motor coach was also on-hand to give fans a chance to win a Challenger SRT8®.

What was your favorite part of the Dream Cruise in 2009? How about your favorite car? Leave a comment and let us know.

A souped-up Dodge Challenger dragster at the Mopar® display. A Dodge fanatic’s custom Challenger, turned into a ‘Cuda convertible. The Dodge Ram 1500 NASCAR® pace truck, promoting one of our favorite sites. A custom Dodge Challenger SRT8® with a carbon fiber hood.Dodge Ram 1500 TRXtreme. Dodge Viper and Caliber SRT4® — both ends of the performance spectrum. The bold front end of a 1973 Challenger. A 1970 Charger. A classic funny car. Another custom Challenger, ready for the track. A Dodge fanatic’s custom Challenger, turned into a ‘Cuda convertible.

  • MoparForever

    My God, that ‘cuda convertible it the most awesome thing I have ever seen. Why doesn’t Chrysler make it? You would sell a million of these.

  • DodgeDoesIt

    You guys are missing the boat, a Chrysler Cuda with the billboards on it would sell like hotcakes. All of your Challenger owners would love to have a Cuda in the garage as well. Just contract out Mr. Norm and he can do it for you. Even an overpriced limited edition would be welcomed.

  • menZ

    Is the Ram XTreme going into production and will be able to even come close to the Ford Raptor (yes, I am a Dodge fan)?

  • jre

    lol the Challenger is already a niche car compared to its competition, a cuda would be a niche of a niche. It wouldn’t sell millions. The amount of development dodge would have to put into engineering a drop top version would ensure they’d never recoup their losses on that cuda. Meaning if they did make it, it’d cost just as much as it would to go have a custom job done.

  • PurpleShaft

    Mr. Norm has already done the engineering so the costs have been substantially cut. You don’t necessarily have to make a convertible, just a ‘cuda which is just a different grille insert and taillights.

  • jre

    Well something like that would be reasonable. And the few dealers that are left selling only chrysler and jeeps would probably really appreciate it. . .

    But honestly if those are the only differences you might as well just go to the aftermarket companies who are doing it.

  • PurpleShaft

    What used to be the difference between a Plymouth and Dodge Neon? Nothing. Maybe they could make the interior look better on the ‘cuda…it wouldn’t take much.

  • sublime

    That black 1970 Charger looks sharp…can we replicate it like we did with the Challenger?

  • GoDodgeGo

    Is the retro Charger project dead? Are you just going to continue to make these boxy looking bricks forever. Make good looking cars and they will sell. My God, all your Challengers are selling for full sticker price, doesn’t that tell you something!

  • helpme

    When will they make a good looking “classic” Charger again?