Smoking Hazard: Hubinette’s New Challenger Cuts Loose

It may have started out as a cold rainy day here at Spring Fest 6, but the sun came out and things began to heat up real quick. We snuck over to the Orange Great Park and caught Samuel Hubinette breaking in his newly-wrapped 700 horsepower Dodge Challenger. As you can see, “That Crazy Swede” hasn’t lost his touch for letting it all hang out!


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    The pigment named Xirallic, gives a glittering shine to colors like red and black, is produced only in Onahama plant in Japan. This Onamaha plant is very close to the Fukushima-Daiichi Nuclear power station which has been severely damaged due to the March 11 Tsunami, resulting in evacuation of people living in surrounding areas.
    Onahama plant too has been evacuated for safety reasons. This has resulted in a situation where automakers are not accepting orders for cars in black, red and similar colors. Xirallic shortage has hit companies like Toyota Motors, Chrysler LLC, GM, Ford, etc.
    Chrysler spokesperson, Hepler stated, “We anticipate that we currently have an adequate supply to meet existing customer orders for Rugged Brown, Bronze Star, Ivory, Hunter Green, and Billet Silver colored cars. As a precautionary measure, we are not entertaining anymore orders on colors using Xirallic.”

    We cannot even make paint in this country?  DuPont and PPG have their headquarters here.  This is embarassing.  Good, maybe we can finally make a black that is just black and doesn’t have these flakes of dust in it.  I always think the black cars are dirty, but it is just the paint.  No more billet silver…ya hoo.  Looks like we will have to go back to the solid high impact colors.

    By the way, that is some darn good drifting!

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    OK….drifting..I don’t get it.

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    I concur what a mighty thoughtfully written story, thank you for writing this!

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    That’s an interesting point of view, though I am not certain I concur.

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