First Hand Look – SRT Thrill Ride

We told you about the SRT Track experience back in September, and now we have video evidence!  Check out the video of an SRT Thrill Ride at Talladega last week. The sound of the squealing tires is music to our ears.  Click to watch it now!

  • niotaboy

    I’m looking forward to signing up, but there are only 7 more events listed on the schedule, and they are all in California or Colorado. Are there any new dates in the works for next year? Talladega would be perfect for me.

    • RLD

      The thrill ride is not a scheduled event. Although, we do offer a scheduled SRT track experience where attendees can drive our SRT line up.

      • Rayyan

        Zoomers are the cat back system. It soudns very deep and like a beast is coming down the road. In 2006 I don’t even think people were buying cassettes. Like my friends from Mexico City say, No mames huey. BTW, my player is a six disc CD player and MP3. Never used the MP3.

  • niotaboy

    WHAT IS THE FUTURE SCHEDULE FOR THE SRT TRACK EXPERIENCE?? GEESH, how accurately do I have to spell it out for you?