From the Archives: Dodge Flexes Muscle with Charger R/T

In 1966, the Dodge Charger hit the American road for the first time and forced the competition into whimpering submission. In 1968, with still no serious contenders in sight, Dodge shifted into top gear with the introduction of the Charger R/T. Although it featured the same radical redesign as the rest of ’68 coke bottle brood, the Charger R/T was a world apart. The Road/Track package had been created exclusively to identify high performance Dodges, which meant no longer could you creep up unnoticed on an obliviously idling Goat. The 440 Magnum was the standard engine offering and despite rumors that specs were intentionally lowered for insurance purposes, the official output stood at 390-hp at 4700 rpm and 490 lb-ft at 3200 rpm.

That same year, the Charger R/T joined the Coronet R/T, Super Bee, and Dart GTS to form the Dodge Scat Pack. Distinguished by the now-infamous charging bee, the Scat Pack ruled the road (and track, of course) with raw muscle and brute strength. Today, the legacy of the Scat Pack is survived by the 21st century R/T package – still available on the Charger and still dominating the tarmac.


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    Is there a way you can recreate that shape for the new Charger? Those plastic taillights that cut out the top of the rear quarter panels on the new Chargers just doesn’t cut it. The 1969 and 1970 Charger taillights were sleek and modern looking. Round taillights are getting old and that is what ruined the sales of the ’72-’74 ‘cudas.

  • 440
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    Love the 440 !!!!

  • 440
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    Just wish those old cars hooked up better !! Well ,I love spinning tires,but most people look at the old reported 0-60 times from magazines of the day and think those cars hooked up like a 4 cyl Civic,they actually think an old 440 car you can floor it from the start or 20 mph roll and not spin !!… but actually ,old Mopar’s run 6 seconds to 60 with no traction,going sideways,and a ton of tire smoke…slowing down the times alot !! ALOT !! 440’s rule !! And I hope i will fall in love with the new 6.4 Hemi,should impress me !!

  • moparman
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    “Today, the legacy of the Scat Pack is survived by the 21st century R/T package – still available on the Charger and still dominating the tarmac. ”

    Well, not exactly.

    If anything the “SRT” replaced what “R/T” used to be as far as engine and horsepower, and as far as road/track, none of the current packages apply to that at all. NASCAR doesn’t use real cars anymore, they just use stickers (and that just sucks!). As for it being available on a charger, depends on your definition of the word.

    I wish an R/T package was available on charger. I’d buy one if it was.

  • Tazallen
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    Hello All!!!!

    A great ad campaign for the Challenger and Charger SRT… The return of the Scat Pack…..


  • IndyRider
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    As a youngster, I remember the Super Bee logo, as well as the roadrunner, etc. One of the best campaigns ever!

    Makes a nice t shirt logo as well!

  • HEMIhead
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    Congrats! DODGE and Kurt Busch/Penske for the win at Charlotte!
    Go DODGE Go!!!!!!!!!

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    Yeah, total domination at Charlotte by Dodge! Kurt Busch does it again and stays in the lead for most of the race. Penske and Kurt can do it, keep the wins coming! Great job!!!

  • IndyRider
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    How about that Kurt Busch, and Dodge!!!!!
    Best comment by Kurt “Buy a Dodge on Tuesday”.
    Have to agree with him!

  • shadowdarner
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    Is there such a dodge car that was called the federal from the 1940s or 1950s? Does anyone know?

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    shadowdarner, I know they used to call old police cars the Federal because that was the name of the company that made the first rotating red light that went on top of the cars in the late 40’s.

  • earl fennell
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    not only does my family have the ’66 Charger, but dad also has a 1970 Charger R/T. it has about 26,000 miles on it and it is in the same showroom condition as the ’66. it’s white with a black vinyl roof and factory spoiler on the trunk. i love to hear that 440 fire up. it beautiful music to my ears to here that rumble. it’s got 3.91 gears, so it gets you up to speed very fast. i also own a ’78 Magnum GT with about 20,000 miles on it. it still has the original Goodyear radial GT tires on it. they seem to be in great shape and, since i have antique plates on it, i don’t run it very hard.

  • moparman
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    I’ve been biting my toungue for a while, but I gotta say a couple things. First, thanks Dodge, for finally making some ads for the challenger, and good ones too, I loved the UFO one and the freedom one. (too bad that couldn’t have been a retro charger that Washington was driving, since chargers were horses back in the day…)

    The other thing is. I have noticed watching some of the message boards that many of the same people who deride me and others for asking for a 2 door retro charger muscle car….are spending hundreds, no make that thousands, of dollars to buy kits from Danko and the like…… order to make their 4 door sedan look like a ’69 charger.

    Sorry, but I just find to be kind of ironic. Not that it’s bad in any way, just ironic. It would be like telling someone that red cars aren’t needed/don’t sell well etc, and then a few days later deciding to paint your car red. Kinda frustrating really.

    I will say though that some of those kits are pretty cool. Danko makes a grill kit that is awesome looking. With a full Danko kit and a welder, I could almost make what I want out of one of the new cars. Thank goodness for the aftermaket.

    I hope your watching the aftermarket Dodge. People want it, and it’s money your not getting.

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