Enter to Win the VIPer Experience of a Lifetime

There’s nothing quite like the smell of VP-C16 on a warm summer morning, the fumes overwhelming your senses and taking you back to your younger days spent skulking around the paddock, running your fingers over the sharp shoulders of a Daytona Turbo Z CS. Little has changed since then – save for maybe the intensity of your passion – and you still live for the thrill of brute American muscle snarling down the sticky surface of a heavily-used track. You’d be hard-pressed to find a group that better understands that deep, abiding love than the staff here at RedLetterDodge, which is why we’ve introduced the VIPer Experience Sweepstakes. This unique opportunity will put you up close and personal with the enthusiasts behind the adrenaline-filled Viper Cup Series, giving you an unprecedented peek into the self-made Viper pit. You and a guest will enjoy the weekend at famed Miller Motorsports Park in Salt Lake City, Utah where you’ll be close enough to feel the tiny chunks of burnt rubber falling on your forearm. To enter to win this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, click on the widget in the top right hand corner and enter your contact information. Remember: all entries must be received by September 10th, so don’t waste time.

Good luck, and hope to see you there!

  • GBD

    Good luck to all those who enter the sweepstakes! It’s also worth mentioning that even if you don’t win the Grand Prize VIPer Experience, two (2) first prize winners will also be chosen to receive a $250 gift card to the online Dodge Life store! So, either way, there are some great prizes to be won!

  • James Spradley

    Sounds fun…

  • Bill Sweet

    Mopar style is above the rest!

  • Greg Fisher

    My challenger is above all the rest


    If my wife could pick the right Lottery numbers, or the Computer could pick my wife’s numbers………I would definitely buy a Viper!

  • wayne smitherman

    all chrysler family! have 1998 intrepid es, 2001 dakota 4×4 and 2008 pt cruiser convertible! would love to get a ride in a viper!!!!!

  • mopowered

    They need to bring some zr1 vettes out there to snack on!

  • DeLViper

    I’ll be attending the Viper Owner Invitational and looking forward to the Miller Motorsport Park, I’ll enter this sweepestakes and see what my chances are…..

  • Dwayne Bellamy

    Today September 22nd of 2010, My 2007 Dodge Nitro 6 speed manual transmission turned over 100,000 miles and is a great vehicle with a lot more to go. Thanks Dodge for A great American Product..Looking forward to making 200,000+ , One question? What is happening to the 6 speed manual shift? When the time comes for another vehicle I want the same as I have now!

  • LaTonya carter

    Dodge make great cars, I have always love their cars.