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The History of Street & Racing Technology (SRT)


Ah, SRT, where would we be without you? Somewhere much slower, we’d guess. Started in 2002 as a performance arm for the entire Chrysler group, the Street and Racing Technology division was created from collecting all the performance know-how in the Chrysler group (yes, that includes the Viper development team and the Dodge motorsports and Mopar® guys) and the focusing of that knowledge into the development of a line of no-nonsense performance vehicles and…

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The History of Street & Racing Technology (SRT)

SRT Engineer Chat on LX Forums


The Street & Racing Technology (SRT) division and its incredible performance vehicles and parts, will be discussed over at a forum that takes it a step further. Loaded with excellent information (and sprinkled with a little automotive technobabble for good measure, of course), the SRT Engineers Roundtable over at the LX Forums features live discussions with none other than our own SRT engineers. You read that right. Car talk doesn’t get much better than that,