Inside the Dodge 2.4 Liter Tigershark Engine

2.4 Liter Tigershark Engine


Under the hood of the 2014 Dodge Dart, you’ll find one of the most advanced four-cylinder engines on the planet: the 2.4 liter Tigershark™ engine*.


Designed to take full advantage of the exclusive MultiAir technology developed with Dodge engineering partner Fiat Powertrain, the Tigershark engine features the second-generation MultiAir 2 system. This next phase in MultiAir science marks even further improvements in fuel economy and exhaust emissions without compromising performance.


In a nutshell, MultiAir replaces the traditional mechanical link between the cam lobe and the intake valve with an electro-hydraulic system, allowing more freedom in tuning the engine’s breathing for optimum efficiency under any running condition.


Manufactured in a state-of-the-art production facility in Dundee, Michigan, the Tigershark 2.4L engine is built on a high-pressure diecast aluminum block with cast-iron liners and forged steel crankshaft and connecting rods with lightweight cast aluminum pistons designed specifically for efficient operation and provides a 10.1 compression ratio. Compact design provided by an 88 mm bore and 97 mm stroke, while advanced details like diamond-hard piston pin coatings and a two-stage oil pump shave operating losses further improving efficiency. In other words, no feature to small or technology to sophisticated in consideration of providing uncompromising fuel efficiency.


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*2.4 liter Tigershark engine comes standard on the 2014 Dart SXT, Rallye, Limited and GT.





  • Daniel Hall

    Cool engine, can’t wait to try it in a PDI ;) How much HP?

    • spencer

      184hp and 172tq

  • Derrick Cordray

    Engines will only get you so far. Driving dynamics, car feel, product quality, design cues, and overall perception of the vehicle add to the decision making process. Unfortunately many of these are not in favor of the Dodge Dart.

    • dan

      I don’t know what the F___ u have been smoking !!! But I am sure if you knew anything about this automobile and it’s makeup, from it’s European platform and European handling and it’s above average quality build from the inside to the outside for it’s size class and price tag , you would be humming a different tune. Be for you talk about it. Read about it. And you won’t sound like an idiot who likes to hear himself talk.

      • Viking22

        Win ^

      • mustangfan

        Just my opinion. No need to get all offensive. But just because its “European” doesn’t mean diddly. There are plenty of terrible European cars also. Fiats reputation is well not that great. So your point is mute. There are numerous alternatives in this class that are superior in every category. BTW this is coming from a person whose family has and does work in the industry. My grandfather even worked for Dodge, my father works for Subaru, and my other grandfather owned an auto-parts store back in the day. You could say its in my blood. But thanks for your input and take care.

        • dan

          I don’t care if you worked on the assembly line at dodge you still don’t know what you’re talking about. I do believe that you like to hear yourself ( tooting your own horn) because here you go again. Just let it go….you don’t know everything!! Plus I don’t feel like telling you all the ways that you are wrong…

        • mustangfan

          What a cop-out. You say you do not feel like telling me the ways I am wrong because you cant. But again thanks for you lack of input this time and further trying to insult me rather than use supporting facts for your argument. Debate much? Take care!

        • dan

          No, your an idiot that doesn’t deserve any more of my time….that’s all.

        • jose

          I own a 2014 GT loaded I sell them too this is by far the most advanced car I’ve bought in its class. so leave this guy alone he needs a warm bottle with milk and sugar.

        • mustangfan

          Again resorting to name calling with out explaining your opinion with supporting details and facts.

        • Adrian

          I own a 2015 sxt. I have also owned a r34 skyline, and a volvo 960. There are positives and negatives about the dart. If you want the truth, consumer reports ranked the fusion and the cruze lower than the dart. Would you like to know why? Well.. I’ll tell you anyway. Because of terrible quality from ford, and planned obsolescence from chevy. I love my dart. It was 6k lower than both of those, better powertrain (neither the cruze, nor the fusion come with a double clutch transmission.), Handles great, but the real kicker is the fuel economy. I can drive from SF to LA on 1 tank. But the suspension could use a few tweaks. Also the electronics need to be updated to be more responsive for android devices. Other than that, The dart will dominate any car in it’s class.

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  • Andres Cabado

    Can u add turbo to this engine ??

    • tyler

      it already is a turbo..

      • Nick

        Newsflash… not a turbo

      • Chuck

        No it’s not

  • James

    the 1.4 has a turbo and gets better torque than this engine. Add turbo and show those ecoboost punks who is boss. Shout-out to my main man Sergio!

    • Nick

      and I dust the 1.4l all day in my NA 2.4…

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  • Captain capitalist

    When are we getting scat pack parts for our cars? I’m ready cash in hand especially looking forward to the intake exhaust and PCM tune. I want to keep it genuine Mopar no aftermarket Chinese parts.

  • Glen

    add supercharger – I hate turbo lag

  • Tim Crawford

    I Love my Dodge Dart and it’s Tiger Shark engine, For a 4 Cylinder it’s very spunky and fun to drive, And it gets GREAT gas mpg if you drive if reasonably, I get 30+ mpg with mine but i don’t do a whole lot of city driving.

  • jose

    I own a 2014 dart Gt and I love it dotn feel like I have to do anything to it I like it just the way it is.

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  • Jaxon Sweet

    So let’s get this straight, can I add a turbo to the 2.4L tiger shark engine?

    • kstatx

      Yes… U can add whatever u want

      • Mike

        can ad yes but no tune…

  • Jason

    You can add a turbo charger or supercharger if you like but the engine will not last long. The cylinder walls are much too thin to handle the increased pressure. It was originally Chrysler’s intentions to add a turbo charger to this engine but insufficient cooling required Chrysler to thin out the cylinder walls for better heat transfer. Also, an oil cooler was made standard to help with cooling. The cylinder walls are even thinner on this engine than the old 2.4L World Gas engine used in the Caliber SRT. That engine was known to eventually have fractured cylinder walls. This is a good reliable engine if left stock. Do NOT modify.