2011 Dodge Avenger At The 2010 LA Auto Show


For 2011, Dodge has “reinvented” the Avenger as a fun entry level car with a totally new interior, improved handing along with a powerful yet fuel efficient 3.6L Pentastar V6. But don’t take our word for it, get the straight scoop from Dodge Marketing Manager Marc Seguin.

  • PokerMunkee

    Wow, this Marketing guy needs to be replaced. “0-60 in 7 or 8 seconds” You can’t give us a specific time? Better be below 7 seconds, because I can buy a new Sonata Turbo that does it in 6.5 and gets 33mpg on the highway. And it looks a helluva lot better.

  • moparman

    Just more blathering from a clueless marketing wonk. Coming soon to an Avis lot near you.


    The car looks a lot better, but it is just those big ugly headlights that ruin the whole look. If you could just black out the inside of the headlight bezels then the car would look 100% better. In that way, just the round headlights would stand out like in the Charger.

  • 440

    Actually rental lots near my house are filled with Sonata’s,Accord’s,Altima’s,Camry’s,Fusion’s,Impala’s !!

    Dodge…Chrysler for that matter always underestimated its performance times…they ALWAYS did this for as long as I can remember…

    The Avenger 2008-2010 with the 232 hp 3.5 did mid 6 second 0-60’s…and 15.3 in the 1/4,so the 3.6 should be around 6 flat and high 14’s I am guessing ! If not, give me one I’ll make it do it !!

    Given the time they had to redo the car,they improved its performance,driving dynamics and interior..as the exterior looks great in my book..It is very hard to tell the imports apart,they look pretty much the same !!

    Just wish the Chrysler 200 could of been the 200C concept,but with limited time they couldnt do it..,the new 200 sure has been getting good reviews,thats good..

  • jb

    I would not be caught dead in anything called “sonata”…sounds like something that drips from your nose…

  • ALbud

    I bought an 08 Avenger SXT new in June 2008 & it is one of the best cars out there! I tried the Altima/Camry/Fusion/Sonata & the pathetic Malibu and the Avenger wins hands down plus the fact it is a true United States of America vehicle! Glad my money went to the US instead of Mexico/Korea/Japan…etc….
    Looking forward to driving the 2011!

  • IrishMegs

    Just got the 2010 Avenger two months ago… Must say, I’m in love… But they mentioned all new interior in the 2011… From this video, pretty much looks the same as mine… The engine upgrade, now that would be nice…

  • Dan

    Still no manual transmision!