Dodge Offers Double-Up Lease Program for Charger and Challenger




Word is out – the Dodge Brand has exciting new Charger and Challenger models coming in model year 2015. But there’s no need to wait for the muscle. Eligible customers can lease a 2014 Charger or Challenger for 12 months right now, and leave the dealership with a guarantee that when they return in a year, and follow program rules, they will have the same lease payment on a new 2015 Charger or Challenger. It’s called the Double-Up program, and here’s what you need to know.


There are a few simple program rules related to the 36-month offer. Both cars must be leased from the same dealership through Chrysler Capital. The offer applies to all 2015 Chargers, except Charger SE and Charger SRT, and all 2015 Challengers excluding the SRT. And if you choose to buy the 2015 Charger or Challenger, you will receive an automatic $1,000 cash bonus toward the purchase.


“If you have your eye on a new Challenger or Charger, there’s no need to wait for the new models to arrive,” says Tim Kuniskis, President and CEO of the Dodge Brand. “The Dodge Double-Up program lets you drive today’s Charger or Challenger and trade to the 2015 with no increase in payment. This is our way of thanking our loyal Charger and Challenger customers and extending this offer to any new customers longing to get into one of these iconic muscle cars.”


The Double-Up lease program will be available through August 2014, so don’t wait. See your neighborhood Dodge dealer today for all the details, including the complete terms and conditions.





  • hoosier charger owner
    Posted April 22, 2015 at 7:24 pm | Permalink

    My first Dodge was a 2007 Charger. I love it. I keep an immaculate car. Its now time to trade or buy new again. I have a few issues that I’ve come across. 1)Rust. Everywhere I drive Dodges of every make and model, are rusting at 5-6 years old and on all areas of the vehicles. 2)Tie rods. I have replaced two sets each after 40K miles. I’ve been told Hemis are heavier, shouldn’t tie rods be heavier. 3)Speed shaft Sensor- First one went out at year 1, second and third at year 7 but within three weeks of each other. My Dealership may be incompetent. 4)Rims. At year 2 the aluminum wheels bubbled under what looked like a clear coat covering and eventually started peeling. I’ve seen others just like mine. Looking for improvements.

  • Al Wylie
    Posted July 5, 2015 at 10:57 am | Permalink

    Hello, I am interested in leasing a 2013-2015 Dodge Challenger RT, Automatic, Leather, Am/Fm CD I am leaning more towards the 2015 and what specials, incentives and Deals do you have at this time? and where can I view these at? and what are the restrictions on the lease if any? that said, I have a 2005 Chrysler 300 fully loaded with 133000 as trade-in, according to Black Book, she is valued between $3.800 – $7.015, I make $45.000 + per year and was per-approved on another site with zero down, I am trying to get payments at around $300 a month. I will not be available to view anything till next Saturday.

    Thank You for your time
    Al Wylie

  • Posted August 21, 2015 at 1:24 pm | Permalink

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