One Lap of America – Alabama Getaway!

During day 6 of the grueling One Lap of America, our SRT road warriors arrived at Barber Motorsports Park just outside Birmingham Alabama. The first order of the day for Erich and Adam was to rotate the tires to get the best rubber on the left front. This was in anticipation of the hard corning required to run fast laps around Barber’s challenging 2.38 mile layout. The track also has 80-feet of elevation change and requires a lot of strategy and careful planning to properly execute the entrance and exit of the 17 turns throughout the course.  Failure to do so would result a bad lap time or worse, barreling off the track and hitting a retaining barrier.

On the first lap, Erich once again pushed the 392 HEMI® and easily hit 120 mph on the straightaway. There was a lot more left under his right foot but has to slow down to negotiate the twisting turns. The Challenger SRT8’s suspension was put to the test as Erich’s using all the grip the car has. Check out the G-Meter on the Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC) screen picture. He made it through unscathed and his second attempted was basically identical which speaks highly of Erich’s consistent great driving skills behind the Challenger. He ended up placing 17th overall for the event and 3rd in the SSGT2 class.

Our guys also lent some aid to fellow Dodge racers. The first team had melted the brakes on their Charger SRT8. Erich and Adam dove right in with tools and parts in hand. They donated their spare brake pads for “Team Charger SRT8” and got them back on track in no time. The second house call was more serious as a Viper GTS had an unfortunate incident with one of Barber’s guard rails. The front passenger side was hit hard and needed some bodywork. The V10’s oil cooler was taken out in the crash. Adam got on the phone and called the troops back at SRT to see if the busted oil cooler could be bypassed. Luckily, they were able to located another cooler and the Viper was back in the hunt.

Erich and Adam even had time to check out the awesome Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum and what is considered the largest collection of vintage motorcycle and race cars. They would have stayed longer but they are of course, in a race. They quickly rotated the tires (again) and prepared for the non-stop 700 mile journey north to the Autobahn Country Club in Joliet Illinois.

Being burnt out from having pizza at virtually every stop, the Dynamic Duo felt they’d eat something a little healthier that comes in a bucket!


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