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Prior to the late 1950’s, police departments across the country were purchasing stock Chrysler vehicles straight from dealer lots and personally outfitting them for police duty. Recognizing the growing demand for a vehicle tailored exclusively to the needs of law enforcement, in 1956 Dodge released the Coronet police package, the first Dodge purposely built for police work. Unlike the Coronet readily available to consumers, the Coronet police car featured a heavy duty suspension, more powerful brakes, and a pursuit-ready HEMI® engine.

Since then, Dodge vehicles have remained a favorite of police departments across the country and the Dodge Charger PPV is currently one of the fastest, most capable Police Pursuit Vehicles in the industry.


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    This was an era when Dodge and Chrysler were pioneers and listened to their customers. They tried new things and had the latest technology available to the customer. Now it is the era of playing catch up and trying to mimmick the competitors. What is really sad is that there is nothing planned for the future so they have to run these old articles about when they were great. Come on Dodge, listen to your customers and market new products that are in the pipeline. This could be a great venue for doing that but all we get is maybe we will paint a car another color and maybe will will change the interior color and maybe we will let you order it if we want to or not. Lets turn all of your existing customers against you…I believe that is your plan and it is working quite effectively.

  • John
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    Bring back FULL SIZED cars, if this was the 60’s or 70’s the Charger would only be a mid sized car. The Dodge Monaco was a mans car. We need a family car again to travel in and another problem is there are no more station wagons for families. Bringing back the Challenger was a great move, it’s a lovely car. If Dodge continues to go vintage then things might improve. The way things are looking right now is the same way as the late 70’s and 80’s, those were bad times with bad cars from MOPAR.

  • Tazallen
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    Hello All!!!

    Great story about the Cornet,if Chrysler Corp does not change it ways fast (i.e.: start innovating and not re-hashing) it kind of reminds me of the late 70-mid 80s when Renault owned American Motors. Renault used AMC to try to sell their products in the USA while the AMC models were just sticks in the mud….

    Chrysler is much to great to be wasted away…..


  • daytonakid
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    Hey gang
    how about everyone here chips in $5 bucks and we have a challenger proffesionally painted Sublime, so SUBLIME will stop his irritating crusade against Dodge and their options/colours
    and finally peace on dodge earth….sigh

  • HEMIhead
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    Sublime got a Plum Crazy, so I think he is done with that rant……..for now.
    Have fun Sublime!

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    Hey guys, I apologize for the ranting, however, you have to admit that after the last Challenger was built in 1974, there hasn’t been a decent vehicle coming out the factory until the new Challenger in 2008. The Viper is good, but it really isn’t a vehicle for the masses. All I am saying is that aesthetically appealing cars can still be designed and hopefully the Dodge Boys can keep the ball rolling. Most of the Challengers and Vipers are sold at full sticker price so that should tell you something. Make all your cars look good and they will sell. Further, if Dodge would have offered sublime the first year the Challenger came out, I would have bought it and now I would have already been thinking about buying a new car. Instead, I held onto my truck for another 2 1/2 years and they missed out on a sale. Worse yet, they still aren’t going to offer sublime so I feel for the rest of the mopar faithful who worship the penstar. I guess that is how marketing works, keep people in suspense and they will finally have a weak moment and buy something close to what they want. Then when the car comes out that they really want, they trade it in for a loss, and buy their dream car. You can’t make everyone happy but I will be honest with you. It doesn’t matter what color the Challenger comes in, it is a blast to drive and until you test drive one you will never know. The Challenger is a beautiful piece of machinery and everyone I meet calls it something different, i.e., stunning, breathtaking, wild, sleek, awesome, cool, gorgeous, bad @ss, and more. I have only had the car for two days and there is always someone making a comment everytime I get out of the car. Yes, I apologize for all of my ranting and raving, I was just hoping that someone at Dodge was listening. I suppose it is pretty difficult to line up all of your suppliers again once you come out of a bankruptcy so I should have cut them some slack. I am very happy with my Plum Crazy Classic and hats off to Dodge for putting up with all of my crap and the rest of you bloggers. Dodge is a class act and this car is the best car that I have ever driven by far. If Dodge continues making cars like the Challenger then they will never have to worry about bankruptcy again. Great job! Keep up the good work.

  • HEMIhead
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    Hey, Sublime, don’t worry about it.
    If your the true blue MOPAR guy I think you are, than I’d rather read your rants and have you post on this blog, than somebody who’s into brand x, or don’t really care about the brand.
    I rant sometimes too, but my main concern is that Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep offers the best possible
    vehicles and I want it to be the best! I’ am hardcore, not one of those people who changes their
    minds every 6 months about what brand they are loyal to. I’ve been loyal since day one, and I’ve always liked their vehicles, and they have always had something that I wanted badly.
    So, enjoy your car and don’t be afraid to show your MOPAR MUSCLE!
    Keep posting on this blog!

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    I know I should stop already, however, if I knew how much fun it was to drive a Challenger I would have picked one up in Titanium if I had to. The way you sit in the seat, the sound of the exhaust, the way it handles, the constant stares and praises, the roar of the motor, and decent fuel mileage has just surpassed my wildest dreams. It is nice to be able to have a new muscle car as an everyday ride. The wide track and the overabundance of horsepower without the 4000 stall converter and rough idle is truly amazing. It doesn’t give you the howl that the 1400 plus CFM of a 440 six pack does, but it isn’t bad. The on and off switch for the ESP is great. I want to break in the car before I really test it full throttle, however, it seems like it has plenty of low end torque. I will never drive a truck again. They are convenient, however, I think it is cheaper to rent one when you really need it. There is nothing like the feel of a Challenger on the open road or any road for that matter. No matter how bad your day goes at work, you know it will end on a good note because you have to drive your Challenger home. I wish the dealers would have let me test drive one sooner and I would have bought one the first day they came out. It was a shame that they were so few available that none of the dealers would let you test drive one unless you brought your checkbook. Oh well, you would have missed out on all of my complaining. I am just glad that I took the chance on buying one and its the best decision that I ever made. If you ever get the chance to buy a Challenger, do it. Even my lanky teenagers don’t mind getting in the back because they love the car. I dropped my son off at school today and he said that he had all kinds of kids come up to him asking him what that fancy race car was that he got out of. They all wanted to go for a ride in the car. I just want Dodge to know that even the youth market thinks the car is hot so go back to your retro roots and design smaller, affordable cars that are similar to the Challenger. High school kids will flock to them and they will be sold on mopar for the rest of their lives.

  • 440
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    Sounds like you really love your Challenger !! They are great cars,especially for a daily driver.
    Throughout the 90’s I drove old Mopars because they had nothing I wanted,and around 2000 I even drove a new Mustang GT,but I felt dirty driving it so I bought a Dodge Dakota R/T 5.9 ,since then I drive a Ram as my daily driver and love them,I have gotten used to sitting up high (great visibility)But I know a few people with new Challenger’s and they are like you (love ’em)…Now I dont know what to buy.. a new Ram or a new Challenger,Wow it is great that I have such a problem deciding what new Mopar to buy,for along time it was only a truck,fwd 4 door cars were not an option..Sure a Viper would be great,but the insurance cost for that car for myself (mid 30 year old) is too expensive !! Plus the price of a Viper I could buy a SRT Challenger and Ram 1500 Sport !!

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    440, I had a 2004 red Dodge 1500 HEMI quad cab and my insurance rate for the Challenger only went up $10 a month. They informed me that it went up only because the car was more expensive than the truck. I thought I was going to pay a lot more for insurance. Many of the Mopar Faithful did the same thing as you have done (myself included, I had a 1995 Dakota Sport before the Ram) …we all bought trucks because the cars were so bleeding ugly at the time. It is a nice feeling that you can purchase Mopar cars again. You need to test drive a Challenger and you will borrow your neighbors truck from that point on.

  • HEMIhead
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    Sublime, when you get your car broke in, the next thing you gotta get is a Diablo Predator Tuner
    U7135, $289 right now on sale from Arrington’s, ( You think you got power now? This thing is truly awesome. You’ll really unleash the beast!
    You’ve got bad and then you’ve got evil, and let me tell you that tuner is definitely “evil”!
    Have Fun!

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