Leno Burns Rubber in The 2011 Charger R/T

Jay’s at it again. He and our President Ralph Gilles are on the streets of Los Angeles cruising around and making some sweet noise. Last month, he “dumped the clutch” on our 2011 Challenger SRT8 392 and tattooed his neighborhood with an awesome burnout all while grinning from ear-to-ear. Therefore, we had to stop by his garage again with our 2011 Charger R/T to have him get behind the wheel and lay down more rubber. Jay dug the 370 horsepower 5.7L HEMI® along with the new sheet metal that is very reminiscent to 1968-70 B-Body models. He also noticed our re-engineered chassis and track tuned suspension when bending some corners. Jay’s senses also registered the numerous interior refinements we’ve made to the Charger. Even though Jay has amassed quite the collection a rare and vintage Dodge muscle cars, he’s not afraid to flog them when the opportunity arises (which is quite frequently). Jay is one of us, a true ‘car guy’ with high octane fuel running through his veins. However, it was our own ‘car guy’ – Ralph Gilles that showed him the proper way to do a burnout!


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    Yes, the Charger has no power at the low end to do a burn out because of the rear end highway gearing. This holds true for the automatic tranny R/T Challengers. You need at least a 3.55 or 3.73 rear end in these cars. The 3.08 is a joke. This gearing makes them dogs off the line. Who cares if you lose 10 mph off your top end. How many times do you cruise at 140 mph for any length of time? Our old Voyager minivan did a better burn out. They should have edited the part where Ralph had to power brake it to make it do a burn out. This is embarassing. That is not the way you sell cars. Can you offer a better rear end gear for these cars already? Hopefully, when you offer the eight speed automatic you can put some serious gear in the back.

  • 440
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    A 69 440 Charger,you dont have to power brake to do a burn out..thats why the old cars seem slower than they actually are..they burn and burn the tires,you cant floor it..or start in 2nd,even in a automatic you cant floor it in 1st gear !!

  • Hemi D
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    Actually it’s a 3.06 rear end ratio and when you combine the A580 transmission’s 3.59 first gear ratio, the final drive gearing is pretty steep when the car launches. BTW, my 2008 Charger R/T will boil the rear tires from a dead punch anyday of the week. When I’m at the drag strip, the 60′ times are very respectable for a 4000 lb., 120″ wheelbase sedan…BUT that’s after I do a burnout and heat the tires. Finally, don’t forget this thing called ‘CAFE Standards’ that Chrsyler has to meet and “the infamous Gas Guzzler Tax” they are trying to avoid on the 5.7L HEMI.

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    Hemi D, even worse, a 3.06 gear. When it is cold and the air in dense it might scratch the tires, however, when it is 80 and above, which is typically the temperature in Texas, forget it. Turning off the traction control helps a little, but the best bet is to buy the 6 speed manual because it has a 3.9 rear end gear standard.

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    Hey! That’s the Hemi Highway Tour Charger. I recognize the license plate. Nice to see it still in town.

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    That car is Awesome.
    I am sure the only reason for that gearing is to please the govt with fuel ratings’

  • Hemi D
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    All I can say is let’s be thankful that Dodge makes HEMI-Powered RWD cars because I’m old enough to remember the 1980s and 90s when any talk of bringing back the HEMI let alone the Challenger was a just a pipedream among the Mopar faithful.

  • PomerMunkee
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    I love this video, and thanks Jay for asking about the manual!!

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    Hemi D, yes you are probably right. The cars in the 80s and 90s were pretty lame for sure. I owned some, however, I only bought them because they were built by Dodge. To say you own a HEMI Challenger, HEMI Charger, or a HEMI Ram is a great feeling. However, now that Sergio is finally hiring new engineers and designers, we can give Dodge some feedback on how to improve. I know things were pretty tight during the bankruptcy era when there were only a handful of white collar workers employed at Chrysler. Everybody needs to keep buying Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep products so they can keep the good stuff coming. I know everywhere I go people compliment me on my plum crazy Challenger so life is good. I just want to make sure they keep improving them so everyone will buy a Dodge.

  • moparman
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    I agree, glad Jay brought up the manual tranny. I personally think there are a couple other things that need changed/fixed, but the tranny should be a no-brainer. Offer an option for either a stick or an auto. No major changes to the car, easy to add to the options list.

    About that cruising at 140 MPH thing, only ever done it once…in my ’69 charger with 2.76 gears. Did it right after I boght during a “let’s see what this thing can do” moment. It’s one of those things that makes for a good story, but it also scared the pee-diddly out of me!

    In fact, I’ve never been that excited and scared at the same time, and I work on, and sometimes fly in, blackhawk helicopters for a living!

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