Meet the 2010 Charger: Coolest Cop Car on the Planet

When watching wild police chases on those 24-hour-crime cable channels, ever notice how it’s always the perp’s car that’s first to suffer a blowout or blown engine? That’s because police cars are superior automobiles: As noted police escapee Elwood Blues once aptly pointed out, they’ve got “a cop motor, cop tires, cop suspensions and cop shocks.” And if you’ve been doing any highway speeding lately, a shiver has surely shot down your spine upon seeing a certain new cop car in your rearview: the Dodge Charger.

With 368 hp and 395 lb-ft of torque tag teaming a five-speed automatic tranny, and disc brakes controlling the 18-inch rubber, this is the most powerful production police vehicle on the road today. No wonder practically every state trooper has the 2010 Charger on his or her Christmas wish list…even as far away as Dubai. (Check it out.)

Needless to say, the DCPV was a hit right out of the gate. Some 2,500 of the police-ready sedans hit the streets in 2006, and by 2008 more than 20,000 had been sold. “I’ve put 61,000 miles on my HEMI V8 and haven’t had a minute’s trouble with the car,” says Sheriff Charles Boston of Wayne County, Kentucky. “It handles great, and it’s just a comfortable machine to drive.”

The Dodge Charger Police Vehicle can reach speeds of 146 mph, goes from 0 to 100 in 14 seconds with the 5.7 liter version, and can brake to a dead stop from 60 MPH in 138 feet…all tops in the industry. Inside, the console is configured to handle all that inscrutable electronic police gear, and some models even come with an onboard breathalyzer. A five-star NHTSA crash rating rounds out the package.

But utility, performance and reliability is only half the story. The visceral appeal of this car is its looks—the menacing muscular stance, the sloping backend and the predatory gunsight grill that tells speedsters “You’re terminated.”

So consider yourself warned, punk.

  • coolmancool

    Do any of the police departments request the car with a 6.1 HEMI? I think everyone would want to become a police officer.

  • Tazallen


    Hello all!!!

    To answer coolmancool question at one time (may still can) PDs can order police cars with the 6.1 hemi… I talked a deputy sheriff from Hawkins Co. Tenn. a few years back and he told me the Tenn. State police did have some Chargers with the 6.1 hemis. One day they tested them and one was clocked at 180 mph on a test track….

    I know many of the bloggers do not like the new charger (i.e.: 4 doors, not the old styling etc) at first I did not like them either but,after seeing them as police cars and driving the Richard Petty driving experience Charger in FL I started like them!!!!!!

    To me it is cool to see MOPAR products again as police cars that bad guys fear, it just makes me smile!!!!!!!!:) I remember the old days with the bad guys worse fear was either high performance Fury or Monaco on their tail!!!!!

    To all my beloved MOPAR friends on the blog have a happy,safe and joyous holiday season!!!!!


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    Wow, this article is pleasant, my younger sister is analyzing these things, thus I am going to tell her.