Inside Travis Pastrana’s 600hp Dodge Dart


Here’s a look behind the scenes at the construction of the race-prepped Dodge Dart that Travis Pastrana will run in the Global Rallycross Championship series in 2012. Due to the extreme nature of the sport, a lot of preparation goes into these vehicles.  The all-new Dodge Dart received a number of purpose-built upgrades to produce an extremely fast and safe rallycross car.


Modifications include a comprehensive roll cage, race tuned suspension system and Kevlar impregnated carbon fiber skid plates, allowing the Dart to take the extreme pounding that rallycross cars must endure.  Power is fed to all four wheels via a race-inspired 6 speed sequential Sadev transmission.


Speaking of power, Pastrana’s Dodge Dart has been turbocharged and tuned to produce up to 600hp and 550 lb-ft of torque.  According to David Bailey, senior engineering manager for SRT Motorsports, the vehicle will be capable of impressive zero-to-60 mph times in the neighborhood of 1.9-seconds.


See it in action on the Dodge Facebook page.


The Global RallyCross season for 2012 kicks off in Charlotte on May 26, includes events at Texas Motor Speedway and the X Games in Los Angeles, and concludes in Las Vegas on September 29.


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