Durango Citadel Gets a Thumbs Up from the Chicago Sun Times


Our new Durango Citadel is winning even more hearts and minds of motoring journalists. Just last week, the automotive writers of the Chicago Sun Times had a chance to spend a few days cruising around the Midwest and came away quite impressed. Whether it was the powerful yet efficient 360 horsepower 5.7L HEMI® under the hood or the spacious and refined interiors or maybe the well balanced suspension and smooth ride, they liked what they saw. Heck, they felt the Durango Citadel was “fun to drive” and handled the corners better than some cars – talk about putting the “Sport” back in SUV!


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    the click through to chicago sun times did not finds the article.

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    I am a retired senior citizen and just purchased a 2011 Dodge Caravan. I have been a Chrysler Mini-Van owner for 20 years and have enjoyed the improvements over the years. I would like to share a few thoughts and ideas and hope they will help some others to make decisions and improvements.
    All of the vans on the car dealer’s lot had black interior and mats. Black shows every piece of lint, foot print and crumb. A lighter color is a much better choice as I have already replaced mine with new gray mats. I’m sure other colors are available but I did not want to wait for a special order. I would rather of had light grey carpet with maybe darker gray mats.
    I thought the electronic key with a little pull out mechanical key was a joke. Why have mechanical door locks and an electronic ignition key. What is the advantage of electronic keys. They are very expensive ($200 +) so why not also have a mechanical ignition key ($2 +). If the battery dies you are done. I finally figured out that I could hide the little pull out mechanical key on the outside of the van and hide the mechanical key on the inside. The pull out mechanical key is smaller than a regular key and very easy to hide and the electronic portion is now protected from the exterior environments.
    We travel with family and friends and we put the smokers in the rear seats. They have to request the driver to open and close these pivot windows. It would really be nice to have separate control buttons for these windows enabling them there own control.
    The roll down door windows with there own control buttons is a nice addition. The only problem is wind vibration noise while you are traveling down the road. This is typical for a lot of vehicles so I don’t know what would resolve this.
    The information readout should have been larger or at least brighter. I have to put my reading glasses on to see the display.
    I still prefer the looks of the older body style but I do understand the square style affords some advantages like a little more shoulder room and roll down center door windows
    The dash mounted shifter is a little awkward but I guess that’s just an “old dogs new tricks” syndrome
    The gas mileage is a plus for such a large vehicle. Out on the interstate, if I keep the rpm’s less than 2000 (70 mph), I get 28 mpg. My over all driving, if I don’t do jack rabbit starts from stop lights, is just under 25 mpg.
    I really like the convenience of the steering wheel buttons for the information readouts and the cruise. The hidden radio control buttons are terrific once you figure out what each one of them do.
    The Stow-N-Go Seats work effortlessly. I had a little problem with them on the T&C that I traded for this van. They must have made some improvements and it is a winner

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