Dodge Durango: Great Choice for Business


Rob Kelly is a realtor in Lewisville, Colorado, whose working day revolves around his Dodge Durango. “If I didn’t have my vehicle, all the things that have to happen are simply not going to happen, ” says Rob.


“The Durango seems to be put together with me in mind, ” he says. “The quality ride, the interior features. The ability to get a V8 with all-wheel-drive and a tow package. And the ability to haul some cargo, too.”


“Sometimes I’m hauling people looking at homes, so we’re dressed up a little bit nicer and we need a nice car. There are other times when I’m at the hardware store picking up materials to load in the back. (The Durango) allows me to switch gears right in the middle of the day.”



“I spend eight hours a day in the vehicle, working out of it, hauling people around, ” says Rob. “If I woke up and didn’t have my Durango, I think I would just go back to bed.”


To learn more about the Durango for business use, check it out in action at Chrysler Commercial Vehicles.


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