Fight for your Dart!


It’s a fact: You can’t win if you don’t enter. Courtesy of Dodge and the Ultimate Fighting Championship, here’s your chance to attend UFC 152 in Toronto on Saturday, September 22, 2012.


But wait, there’s more. From there you can qualify to win one of two brand new 2013 Dodge Darts customized by ultimate fighting stars Joseph Benavidez and Demetrious Johnson. They’ll be battling in Toronto for the first-ever UFC Flyweight title.


Johnson’s Dart will be built by Kelderman Air Suspension Systems, while TS Designs will be tricking out Benavidez’s Dart. Vote for your favorite fighter and maybe you can be the proud new owner of a custom Dodge Dart!


You can get more info at the official contest Facebook page.


To build your own Dodge, visit


  • paul


  • Shae Tiller

    I like the RED the best but they’re both SICK cars! :) I love what Dodge is doing with this ride!!

  • michael s perry sr

    i like the green and black one!!!! they are both toooo sweeeet!!!!! :)

  • Walter Snith

    Like the Red/Black TS. Great looking car.

  • Stacie

    Like the TSI… so cool

  • http://Facebook Dan McIntire

    It’s ECO! Green has to win!

  • Jesse

    They are both amazing vehicles!! The red one is my favorite though.

  • Jordan

    I like the green one. The red one is to flashy.

  • kevin smith

    the green machine is the thing for me man. go green man or go home!

  • Alberto Marquina Vargas

    Awesome car! Dart it’s MOPAR!!! Good luck

  • Albert Perez

    this is tough, both great looking cars…but I choose the green and black!!!

  • Nick Metcalf

    Both are awesome looking, but if I had to choose, I would go with the two-tone Black and Red one.  Just looks silky smooth.

  • Jaime Silva

    Demetrious Johnson’s Dart looks super badass.

  • Steve Moyer

    I’ll take the red one…neighbor likes green I like RED

  • Jerome

    I’m color blind but I like the yellow or green one

  • Julie shurtleff

    I love them Both, we have a red Caliber, so maybe the red one to match. But Id take either, they are beautiful. LOVE MY DODGE!!!!!

  • Christopher Gutierrez

    Dosen’t matter how fansy and technological the other cars are,The Hemi still number one for me.

  • Beverly Nippert

    Would love the Green,it would good with the 1969 Dodge Dart GTS 383. Love this car….?.

  • andrew sluder

    i like the red one