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The journalists at had a chance to get behind the wheel of our 2011 Grand Caravan and came away quite impressed. Here’s what they had to say when the climbed inside and took it for a spin. “The number of available minivans on our market isn’t very substantial which makes for interesting rivalries.  Along with the Kia Sedona, the Dodge is the least-expensive minivan on the market and for 2011; it gets a long list of changes and improvement starting with a new engine underhood that will replace all previous rendition.  The greatest argument for buying a Grand Caravan, however, is found inside and is called Stow ’n Go®. No other minivan besides the Town & Country offers such a convenient setup; the new roof rack is also cleverly designed. For those young parents who really need one and have to balance a tight budget, the Grand Caravan, at least in its simplest trim levels, is a no-brainer”.


We couldn’t agree more. Check out the link below for the rest of the story.


Autos123: 2011 Dodge Caravan Crew Review



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    I would have to say it is the best minivan on the market, however, the flat sides and Saltine Cracker box look just doesn’t cut it.  The previous minivan looked better.  Give it a more sculptured look like the Durango and you will triple your sales.

  • WeekNWalley
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    We purchased a 2011 Dodge Grand Caravan R/T about a month ago.  We actually ordered it in April 2011 and it did not arive until July 2011.  This is our 4th Dodge Caravan and it is the best one yet.  The suspension is probably the best we have had, it is like driving a sports car around corners.  The penastar engine is very responsive.  I do a lot of passing on a 2 lane road.  The inside is great.  The nav system is the best, the radio sounds like you are in a concert hall.  We got the side warning system and I don’t know how I have done without it.  The stow n go seats are easy to configure.  All in all this is the best mini van on the market and guess what, we are not a young family with a lot of kids, I am 72 and my wife is 60.  BTW, it is very easy to get into, I don’t bump my head on the door opening.  We had a Dodge previous to this Dodge and I always bumped my head when I got into the drivers seat.

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