The Grand Caravan Legacy

The Grand Caravan Legacy


When the Dodge Caravan was introduced for 1984, it wasn’t just a new vehicle. It was a whole new kind of vehicle.


First previewed in the spring of 1983, the Caravan, along with its Chrysler Corporation stablemates, the Plymouth Voyager and Chrysler Town & Country, introduced America to the minivan. In a bold national marketing campaign, Dodge called the Caravan “a transportation revolution.”


Starting with the popular K-car sedan platform with its rugged 2.2-liter engine and front-wheel drive, designers threw away the styling rulebook and expanded the body’s dimensions right out to the boundaries of the vehicle’s footprint. The result was essentially a big, roomy box on wheels, utilizing maximum form efficiency—small on the outside, huge on the inside. Large side and rear doors (above) provided full access to the useful space.


The free-thinking design allowed far more interior volume and functionality than a traditional station wagon but the manueverability and economy of a compact sedan. The minvan was a smash hit, needless to say, and a new category was born as all the automakers rushed to bring their own copycat vehicles to market.


In 1987 a longer-wheelbase version of the Caravan was introduced, known as the Grand Caravan, and the two versions, Caravan and Grand Caravan, were marketed side-by-side through 2007. Today, all vehicles wear the Grand Caravan nameplate and ride on the same 121.2-inch wheelbase. Now in its fifth design generation, the Grand Caravan continues to lead the industry with features like Super Stow ‘n Go® seating, the world-class Pentastar V6 engine, and an exclusive Blu-rayTM DVD system with second- and third-row screens. To make your own Grand Caravan history, go to



  • Mopar Madness

    The caravan saved Chrysler and stared a new
    catagory of autos

  • Mopar Fanatic

    Awesome vans, have stood the test of time. On my third one with this new generation. My favorite being the 2001 GC Sport.


    Yes, the generation before the current throwback box on wheels that is at the dealers looked so much better. We had a 2001 Chrysler Voyager and it looked so much better. Gee whiz, I wonder why the Honda and Toyota minivans are selling so much better or at least as well. Lets see some curves and a cool looking design. Clean up some of the lines that they had as a show car (minivan)last year at the auto shows and you will be fine. Something a little more futuristic instead of the current Saltine cracker box.

  • LRoach

    Yes, I owned a 1988, a 1995 and a 2005 Caravan … each of them was much better than the 2014
    Grand Caravan that I now have ….. The 2014 has low rideabilty (hard riding), hard seats (inadequate third seat), a fat steering wheel … a disappointment after 25 years of having the
    car “of my dreams.” Purchased the 2014 because it’s the only minivan with “stow-away seats” and
    sliding doors. But I sure miss the Dodge Caravan of yore !!