Download the “Dodge Journey” Full-Length Song — Free!

When music house Singing Serpent composed “Bring It On” exclusively for the Dodge Journey: Amplified commercial, they probably weren’t expecting it would create this much buzz. But in just a few short weeks, this 30-second track has drawn thousands of hits. Flattered by the public’s response, Singing Serpent’s Brandon O’Connell created a full-length, extended version of the song — which then of course prompted everyone to cry for “Brando,” Singing Serpent, and Dodge to release the MP3 for public consumption. (Man, you give people an inch…)

So here’s the deal: You can now download your own copy right here at Red Letter Dodge — but act fast, because it will only work until 5 p.m. Eastern on Monday, December 7, when the song goes up on iTunes. Who doesn’t need a little more driving music? With all this noise, you’ll barely have the weekend before you hear it in the clubs…

UPDATE: Sorry, you’ve missed the chance to download the free track.

  • DeeJay Smithz

    awesome commercial, and awesome track. thanx dodge!

  • Bill inTexas

    Freaking Sweet! NIce Tract I can ROLL to ;)

  • Roger

    I love this song but what exactly are the lyris?

  • Roger

    Love this song but what exactly are the lyrics?