Name This Blog: Vote Now!

We hope you like the new design of Red Letter Dodge. And we’re continuing to work on shaking things up. We’re even considering—just considering, mind you—changing the name of this blog. But it’s a big decision and we need your help. In the right hand column – right up near the top…no, the top…yep right there – you’ll find a Question of the Week poll. Pick your favorite name or send one in, and we’ll tally up your votes. Drop your comments below if you like…now get out there and vote!

  • george lavoie

    Hello my mopar bretheren, call the blog Direct Connection. The mopar faithful will remember this name. It speaks to our history and a connection to the people who still love mother mopar. With all of the sweeping and deep changes coming to chrysler, Direct Connection could serve as a reminder that we still know where we came from, where we are going and who we are.
    George Lavoie

  • Bill Byford

    I agree with George…….Direct Connection is a name I remember as a kid about Dodge with all of the great cars they had at the time. Let’s keep that name……

  • Anthony Redmon

    I like George’s idea too!

  • Verbal D

    Yes, George has it!

    But if not, here are a few off the top of my head:

    1. HodgePodgeDodge
    2. The Dodge
    3. DodgeryDoo
    4. Blodge (blog+Dodge)
    5. Dodge-a-rama
    6. The DodgeLodge
    7. DigitalDodge
    8. AllDodge
    9. The Dodge Challenger, etc.
    10. DodgeRocks

  • HEMIhead

    Call it, “Dodge Direct Connection”.

  • Scott

    How about

    “Mopar or no car” is a saying that resonates with Mopar fans everywhere. Plus, I think it is more memorable to those first hearing about the blog. It’s a url that would stick vividly in a person’s mind.

  • MoparBob

    Direct Connection. Not sure how direct or if this is even a connection between the higher-ups and the common folk, but I like the name.