Over 100 Vipers Migrate to Southeast Michigan

The Viper Club of America — Illinois region, passed through Metro Detroit on Wednesday, September 16, en route to the 2009 Viper Invades Niagara Falls event. Viper owners from all over, including one from Germany, gathered in the city of Madison Heights, Mich., to talk shop and admire each other’s unique rides.

Madison Heights was the halfway point of the trip. And, this fortunate location allowed some of the folks responsible for designing the Viper to come out and meet this group of passionate owners.

One such person was Ralph Gilles, Senior Vice President-Product Design Chrysler Group LLC, who attended the event with his Viper. He spoke with club members and noted that they are relieved to know that the Viper will continue production in 2010.

With Viper, “the love affair is as strong as ever,” he said.

To read more about that special feeling and see event photographs, head over to the Chrysler Group LLC blog >>

  • HEMIhead

    Gotta love Vipers!

  • streetniggaz

    Good to see that Viper will be around for 10!

  • coolmancool

    By far the coolest looking car in its class. Sheer power, none of this pampering stuff like the wussies who drive a Vette.