What Kind of Challenger Would You Purchase for your Teenage Son?

If you’re a fan of AMC’s Breaking Bad, you probably noticed a shiny TorRed Dodge Challenger Rallye with dual black racing strips on last night’s episode. While Walter White, the show’s main character, may have an unconventional and controversial career path, he’s still a loving father. That’s probably why he purchased his teenage son a V6 equipped model that offers great standard safety features, good gas mileage and sporty performance.


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    That was pretty awesome seeing that bright red Challenger pull up in the driveway.  That was the best looking thing in the neighborhood or New Mexico for that matter.  I hope he doesn’t have to return it or if he does maybe their new car wash business will take off and they can then justify him buying it back.  I think the V6 (305 hp) is plenty of power for a teenager.  The black racing stripes and road wheels look sharp.  Walter should keep the Challenger for himself and give his son the Pontiac Aztek and if he can drive that without wrecking it then buy him a 392.  In fact, if Walter keeps asking for trouble then he will need a 392 HEMI Challenger so he can outrun anyone chasing him.  Dodge needs to sponsor more cars for that show.  Everyone watches it.  That was a good marketing idea.

  • Wayne Bautch
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    If I were to buy my son a challenger I would buy him a 2011 Challenger with a 392 so he can have some fun. Of course I would have to take it for a spin… everyday in the summer. I prefer red with black rims and black racing stripes.

  • moparman
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    Well, firstly, my son wants a ’67 mustang fastback, green with anniversary gold racing stripes.  I keep laughning and telling him to get a job…..

    That said, I would not buy either of my kids a brand new car.  In fact, I don’t plan on buying them a car at all.  I may help them get a used car, but they have to have the majority of the money.

    You can’t give kids everythign in life, or they will never develope a work ethic and earn things for themselves.

    On top of that, I can’t afford to buy either of my kids a new car.  I have a new car (with payment), a motorcycle, and ’69 charger to feed, not to mention the wife and two kids, and house payment etc etc.  

    But if I won the lottery , I suppose I’d buy both my sons a Challenger R/T, just because I hate the whole “SRT” BS.  Either that, or I’d buy a couple of SRT 392s and rebadge them with “R/T”, the way it should be.

    • tristan
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      sell the motorcycle and maybe it will give less risk to you and who ever is riding it, and give you a little bit more money to help pay for these cars you want to buy your kids

  • CP
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    I’d buy one with huge brakes and the engine from a smart car.   And all the safety features money can buy!

  • Patrick Zuchowski
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  • DeAna
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    My 15 had his permit from MO and I let him take a SHORT spin in my 2009 425 hp HEMI V8 SRt8. He loved it!

    But on the everyday, I’d keep him with a V6 until he learned discipline with the foot! 🙂

  • Linda
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    He would probably would LOVE a black SRT8 but since he doesn’t have one, he tries to borrow my Fuchsia SRT8. I have to let him once in a while, cause he taught me how to drive stick. But now I have 2 speeding tickets!

  • Hurrikain
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    Give us some decent colors and we’ll talk.. 2012 colors are as bad as 2011  Geeez

  • John
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    I’m 27 now and my first car was a 72 Challenger (I still have now) that my dad and I built together when I was 15. I learned a lot about the car and had a lot more respect for my first car then a lot of other kids I knew did, so I would have to say that I would go the same route down the road when I have a child.

  • chuckz
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    I did buy my daughter a 2010 SE Stone White base model.  It was an early college graduation present.

  • 440
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    2012 Challenger R/T Classic … SRT-8 for myself !! My kid cant have a faster car than me !!! 

    My first car,and still have it is my 1968 Dodge Charger R/T,bought it when I was 14,my old man taught me how to drive it,I still remember flooring it for the first time from 25 mph,the car barely hooked it had new 295 60 series and the front end shot up in the air and the torque of the car sent it going across the center yellow line,I was in the far right lane to start….yeah,yeah it was a 4 lane highway,10 pm at night on a Sunday,no traffic either way…I later just eased on the gas until I could control the beast (thats what my dad said to do first off ) it ran high 12’s with 3.23’s and street tires with tire spin past the 60 ft mark,as it still does today..

  • V8
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    V6 is for girls, HEMi is much better investment.

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