Road Trip with Steve Visits Steve Magnante’s Muscle Car Collection | Freedom Drive – Amhest, MA

Magnante's 1963 Dart GT


The second leg of the Dart Road Trip crossed the Freedom Tour finish line at Steve Magnante’s home in rural Massachusetts, and we couldn’t wait to pull his classic rides out of the garage.


First up was his 1963 Dart GT, an all original, never restored vehicle that is Steve’s everyday driver. The next was a ’63 altered-wheelbase Dart built as a tribute to “Rampage”, and hidden in the back was a ‘Cuda straight out of the ‘60s.


Steve’s home was stocked with auto magazine archives as a reference for his journalism and personal research, and hundreds of model cars that he has built since he was a child.


Think you’ve got the same skills as Steve? Enter Steve’s garage to find the secret word and you could win a trip to SEMA! Be sure to watch the entire video for a surprise at the end we’ve ‘saved’ just for you.



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