2011 Dodge Challenger Rolls Off the Production Line With a Party


It’s begun. Production of the 2011 Dodge Challenger is kicking off as you read this, and there’s a big celebration going on at our Brompton, Ontario production facility to mark the occasion. Chrysler head honcho Sergio Marchionne is on hand to oversee the final touches on the very first 2011 Challenger to leave the line. Marchionne is joined by provincial officials and leaders of the Canadian Auto Workers, including CAW president Ken Lewenza. We’re incredibly proud to see the culmination of all our hard work come to life, and even happier to have the 2011 Dodge Challenger welcomed into the world by those most important to our company.


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    Who gets the first 392 Hemi Challenger? Will Sergio drive it or does he only drive Fiats and Ferarris? Hey RLD, what does he drives to work when he is living in Michigan?

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    Yessss. Finally some info on when we can expect to be able to purchase these fine cars. Hopefully we expect them to be delivered here in the US soon. Is that a 392 without stripes?

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    Yes, that is the real deal 392. I believe they said before that the big hood stripes for the SRT are put on at a different facility while the R/T Classic side stripes can be applied there. You don’t have to lean over the fenders and stretch with the side stripes. I presume the full length stripes down the center of the car are more difficult to apply so they may need more time or a special set up. Who knows, maybe they are actually painting them on.

  • ChuckZ
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    Now just update the Dodge website so people can look at and build their own 2011 Challenger.

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    You already can.

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    Here is the link for building your own Challenger: http://www.dodge.com/hostc/bmo/models.do

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    I saw the actual 392 on Long Island. The Blue Stripes were painted on. I cannot wait to see this Billet Metallic.

  • Houdini
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    Here’s the link that will work

    Seems the web site design folks lack product knowledge…. unless there are 4 color choices for the 392, of which none are white with blue stripes or blue with white stripes. And they show your choice of red or white (not black) side stripes for the Classic.

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    I have never seen an agency take so long to prepare a website. These must be relatives of Sergio or Dodge is getting ripped off.

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    Hello all!!!

    I was told on the 2008 srt challys the hood stripes and badges were done outside the factory. The cars are built tested and the last touch is the hood stripes and badging on the hood. Chrysler may have changed this procedure since then though…


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    I want a 392 so bad!!

  • siciliano
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    I want to buy a 392 to be imported in Italy. I prefer it black. do you know if this color is predicted or is produced only with bands?

  • Norm Kowalski
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    BTW, it’s Brampton, not “Brompton.”

  • Dan
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    I ordered my 392 in early October, but it still hasn’t been built and other people that ordered after me in November their cars have been built. I think they need to fix or refine the ordering/build process they don’t build them in order. I love Dodge this will be my fourth one and I’m still excited about the car, but I am little frustrated about the process of ordering it. I was eyeing the Durango for my wife in July, but I really don’t want to go thru this again.

  • justin
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    when can i get this car in the trim levels i’ve seen in Motor Trend videos?! i want a white one with blue racing stripes and that awesome blue/white leather interior with 392 on the seats. i can’t find a dealership that has one like this! the color white isn’t even offered. how much longer must i wait?!!!

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    The one you are talking about is the Inaugural Edition they are limited to a build of 1492. 1100 are going to the US and 392 to Canada, they come in two colors Deep Water blue with a full body white stripe or White with the Blue full body stripe and the special interior for both. The ordering was opened in mid September and closed around 1 Nov they have all be spoken for by customers or dealers. That’s why you can’t order it online you have to go to a Dodge dealer and have them do a dealer search or look online to locate the one you want. There are several dealership that have unsold units coming in, good luck with your search.


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    my 392 was made today………… soo stoked

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