A 1968 Dodge Charger Brought Me to the Dodge Brand


Recently, we asked you guys to share with us your Dodge stories, and to tell us what Dodge brought you over to the brand. Well, the responses we received were both overwhelming and more touching than we were expecting. We’ve decided to share a few with you as part of an ongoing blog series, starting with a story from Nicholas from Massachusetts.
In his case, it was his uncle’s 1968 Charger that did the trick for him when he was little. Black on black (well, plus a healthy helping of chrome) and packing a HEMI® engine mated to a stick shift transmission, this ’68 Charger never left his imagination, and neither did the Dodge brand. In fact, by the fifth grade, he had already covered all his books with Viper and Ram pictures (both blue with white stripes, of course). His love affair with Dodge continued through the years, and even had him defending the tail-standing Fast & Furious Charger against all the naysayers coming from his import-loving friends. He now owns a HEMI®-equipped Ram 1500 TRX Off Road, which he has proudly used as intended – charging it through every type of terrain he could find. He even claims to have used it to embarrass his friend in a GMC 2500 during an impromptu tug-of-war battle in an empty parking lot, though of course we don’t condone behavior like that…right?
Anyway, he says he’s been a Dodge guy for as long as he can remember, and with his future plans including a 2012 Durango for the wife, he doesn’t seem to be changing that anytime soon.
Thanks for sharing, Nicholas!

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