Dodge Charger Prom Star!

A high school senior prom marks a rite of passage. It’s filled with great memories of classmates getting together for what could one last time before they embark on a new chapter of their life. We’ve all been there and know what goes into making that big night a memorable one. Along with picking out a great looking tuxedo that doesn’t scream “rental”, or the right dress that will make your friends think you just walked on to the red carpet, the ride you pull up in is just as important.

That was on the mind of Joshua Rowland when he was getting ready for the Washington Court House High School senior prom. He’d been working at a local restaurant part time to pay for a limo and had already put down a non-refundable deposit on one. Then he realized that all his other classmates would be doing the same thing and therefore wanted to spend this special occasion in a stylish car that would stand out from the sea of faceless black and white limousines. Joshua asked his stepmother if he could borrow her Dodge Charger. He felt the Charger’s head turning looks and great sound along with its fun-to-drive factor would be much cooler than riding in the back some stretched out rolling discotheque. Joshua’s stepmother agreed, and he and his date had an awesome time, and the Charger was the star of the prom.

Next month Joshua enters the Army to serve our country, and we are proud of him and wish him luck. His senior prom was filled with great times, and we’re happy to have had a small part in making those great memories!



  • joshua rowland
    Posted May 4, 2011 at 1:51 pm | Permalink

    i did have a great time that night. the charger was the best car i have ever driven.

  • tdub2112
    Posted May 11, 2011 at 5:43 pm | Permalink

    Drove my Grandpa’s 09 Ram to our Senior Ball. It was so worth it. The truck even matched my date’s midnight blue dress. Not to mention it smoked my buddies 6.0 Suburban with out even trying. Never mess with a Mopar.

  • Chris
    Posted May 12, 2011 at 8:08 pm | Permalink

    Yea thats for sure. No American brand can touch a mopar speced Dodge. Ever since my dad bought that 2003 Hemi Ram I was hooked. I drive a 2002 Neon SXT but I hope to get a Challanger SRT-8 and in the far future a dodge viper.

  • Alina
    Posted October 10, 2016 at 9:49 am | Permalink

    Nice Post

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