HEMI® Orange and Plum Crazy Return

2013 Challenger Plum Crazy

They’re back!


In the swinging ‘60s, Dodge introduced an entire palette of far-out exterior colors for its world-beating muscle car lineup. Known as High Impact Paint (H.I.P. for short), the assortment of groovy hues included Go Mango, Sublime, and Citron Yella. The wild paint schemes helped to make Dodge a style leader of the muscle car era.


Now Dodge has gone back to the vaults and returned with two of its most memorable colors, Plum Crazy and HEMI Orange. Plum Crazy is available exclusively on the 2013 Challenger R/T Classic.  Hemi Orange can be ordered on any R/T.  Thanks to 21st century paint technology, these colors are even more dazzling and vibrant than they were back in the day—and they’re as durable as any conventional modern finish, too.


Plum Crazy (shown above) returns for a limited time here in March, with ordering available now. HEMI Orange goes live in May, also for a limited production run. Loaded with style, comfort, and performance features including a standard HEMI engine, the Challenger R/T is America’s most affordable V8 muscle car, so visit your local Dodge dealer today.




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