One Lap of America – The First 48!


The first 48 hours of the One Lap of America have been busy for our SRT Dynamic Duo of Erich Heuschele and Adam Forte and their trusty Challenger SRT8.
Their weekend began last Friday with registration and the mandatory participant meeting with Brock Yates JR. Brock went over track safety and point description for each stop on the event. Friday night was probably the last time our boys would get a good rest, but they stayed up most of the evening “bench racing” with their fellow competitors. On Saturday, Erich and Adam headed to the first stop, South Bend Indiana for the Tire Rack wet skid pad competition. They fueled up the Challenger SRT8 with a third tank of premium unleaded and set the tires to 38 psi. They finished sixth in their class as cold temperatures did not help their Goodyear F1 tires achieve maximum traction. From there, they headed 81 miles to Grissom Air Force base for an Autocross event. The guys did their thing and finished second in the SSGT2 Big Bore class with a time of 1:55. When the autocross competition was completed, Erich and Adam packed up their tools and equipment in the Challenger’s carnivorous trunk and headed down the highway for a 550 mile run to Summit Point Motor sports Park in the scenic rolling green hills of West Virginia. They arrived at the track early Sunday morning to go over their game plan. They would only have three hot laps to get their best time on this tough road course. The two walked the track to get familiar with its high speed turns and run off areas. At 9:00 am the Challenger blasted from a standing start. The first run netted them a 20th overall for the session. Four hours later it was time for the second time trial and the boys were rewarded with a better time and move-up to 16th spot. The Challenger SRT8 ran flawlessly on Summit Point’s tricky road course and even outpaced some BMW M3’s! Currently Erich and Adam are running in 2nd place in their class and their overall standings with three events under their lap belt. They are currently 26th place and are improving.
There’s a lot more racing left and the Dynamic Duo are confident their position will improve as the week progresses. They left Summit Point yesterday afternoon and drove over 400 miles to the next destination, Carolina Motor sports Park. Located in Kershaw South Carolina, this will be another challenging course but fear not as Erich and Adam will be dialed in to make some great runs!




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