Ralph Gilles Takes MotoMan for a Hot Lap in the 2012 Charger SRT8!

During the recent SRT media event at Willow Springs Raceway, our own Ralph Gilles was giving thrill rides in the hot new 470 horsepower 6.4L HEMI® powered 2012 Charger SRT8. A few adventure seekers from the automotive press stepped forward and rode shotgun while Ralph did some high-speed runs while letting it all hang out with some tire smoking drifting maneuvers. George Notaras from MotoMan stepped up to the plate and was able to trap Ralph and get some insights in the newly reenergized SRT brand. As Ralph puts it “Our mission at SRT is not just have people fall in love with the cars, but also with the overall community.”  – Ah yes, spoken like a true enthusiast!



    Posted August 12, 2011 at 10:38 am | Permalink

    These cars are nice, however, they are just getting too darn expensive.  You make a two door Sebring/200, why can’t you make a two door Avenger and put a hot SRT6 twin turbo or supercharged V6 motor in it and offer it in high impact colors?  You could easily pick up a lot more customers, especially the way the economy is headed down the toilet.  Affordability for the masses, that is what the whole road runner and superbee program used to be about.

  • budoboy
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    I like the looks of the 2011 Charger.   I just wish it wasn’t 100 lbs more than the previous ones.   I also hope the tuning for the ’11 392 gets unlocked so people can do some modifciations on them to suit their desire for additional modifications and more power.

  • NeonNites
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    Place a 1969 grille on that Charger and you will have something.  The half arce copy of the Audi and Mitzooobeechee grille is awful.  Not very creative at all.  You can make a two door version, you do of the Chrysler 200 as SUBLIME has mentioned.  You show that dark green 1968 Charger in the Photofeed over and over again and even my kids think it looks better than the new Charger.  Have all the designers lost their eye for good looking cars.  Can’t you see when things look ugly?  Come on, don’t just copy the rest of the junk out there.  Be the leaders and make your own designs.  You are on the right track, just finish the job.

  • 440
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    Audi actually copied Mopar with it’s grill,look back throughout the 00’s,Chrysler had the grill,Audi copied them..Same witht he style of alot of other new cars,they totally copied Chrysler.. 

    With the GOVERNMENT regulations,they cant build cars like they did back then,there is nothing I would want more than to have a new 68 Charger R/T (exact copy of my original 68 Charger R/T) but with government regulations it cant be done…Furthermore look at the aftermarket grills,they have a boat load for the 06-10 Charger and the stock grill looks better than any custom one I have seen.

  • Damien Stone
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    I agree with Sublime. Although, the motto,”If u want it bad enough you’ll pay for it” resides with a lot today, it still would be nice if one of the major American auto competitors would pay more attention to that strategy in effort to boost sales while taking a high volume of non-dodge consumers. I have been paying attention to Dodge for the past 4 years and their brand and what their doing with their line-up is awesome. I can’t wait til’ the SRT Charger hits the dealership. I’ll be the first in line for my first dodge. I love what they did with this car. Keep up the great work Ralph and the entire Dodge team!

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