The History of Street & Racing Technology (SRT)


Ah, SRT, where would we be without you? Somewhere much slower, we’d guess. Started in 2002 as a performance arm for the entire Chrysler group, the Street and Racing Technology division was created from collecting all the performance know-how in the Chrysler group (yes, that includes the Viper development team and the Dodge motorsports and Mopar® guys) and the focusing of that knowledge into the development of a line of no-nonsense performance vehicles and parts. The man at the helm when SRT started, Dan Knott, credits its success directly to this “team of die-hard enthusiasts leading the engineering efforts.”


The first vehicle to undergo the knife was the humble Dodge Neon, and the SRT-4 transformation was groundbreaking. It instantly became the quickest car under $20K, and shook the import tuning crowd to the core. We still get the warm & fuzzies remembering these days. Since this first Neon, there have been nine other Chrysler group models to receive the treatment. Practically the entire Dodge line got SRT versions, including the Caliber, Magnum, Charger and Challenger, not to mention the bonkers Ram Truck with Viper engine and of course, the Viper itself. The Chrysler Crossfire and 300C also benefited, as well as the Jeep® Grand Cherokee.


Three years after its introduction, a killer perk for SRT owners was announced. Starting in 2005, the SRT Track Experience was started giving all owners of SRT vehicles get a day at the track, complete with professional driving instruction (go to or hit the “Dodge Nation” drop down menu on With more than 25 track days planned throughout each year, this owner’s program has been a blessing for countless SRT buyers curious about what their rides are actually capable of.


So, that’s the SRT story in short. Now the question is, how many of you guys drive one, and how are you liking it? Have you taken advantage of the track day program? Chime in below, we’re curious.


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