Watch the New Viper ACR-X Tear Up the Track

We know you guys are already drooling over the Viper ACR-X, the turn-key spec racer that Dodge debuted in Orlando last week. We hate to torture you further, since the car won’t be available until Spring, but we had a feeling you might want to see some video of it being tested on the track at Laguna Seca — complete with great audio of its deep, throaty roar.

Also in this clip: Dodge President and CEO Ralph Gilles talks about why they wanted to create the racecar for Viper fans, while Viper Program Manager Mike Shinedling goes into detail on some of the enhancements specific to the ACR-X, from added safety features and new tires to additional dive planes and a revamped motor that now cranks out an incredible 640 horsepower.

And because it’s the holidays and all, we’ve also included some wallpaper of the ACR-X below, free for downloading onto your own computers so you can stare at it all day long and dream about your illustrious racing future in the Dodge Viper Cup this summer (just try to keep your engine and screeching car sounds down so the guy in the next office doesn’t hear you).

To find out how you can race a Viper ACR-X, read more about the Dodge Viper Cup. For more info on the ACR-X and Viper, check out the new Ready to get behind the wheel of your own limited-edition ACR-X? Call 888-960-3333 before they’re gone…


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