Dodge Brothers’ Innovative and Pioneering Spirit Lives On Today!


John and Horace Dodge were not just two brothers with a dream of starting their own car company, they also had a vision to be innovators within the industry. Their engineering and mechanical acumen was applied to the first vehicles that rolled off the Dodge Main Hamtramck assembly line back on November 14, 1914.


It wasn’t just the high quality of manufacturing, durability and toughness that brought consumers over to Dodge.  Technical breakthroughs such as electric self-starter motors and electrical lighting (unheard during the infancy of the auto industry) were standard equipment. The first Dodge Touring Car that sold for a moderately low price of $785 had all these features. Dodge would also continue to lead the auto industry in the early years with technological advances such as all-steel bodies and hydraulic brakes.


The spirit of our founders along with their philosophy of building great cars for an affordable price is alive and well today. That same strain of DNA is in every vehicle we produce and is in our hearts and minds as we move forward.


John and Horace would be proud!


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